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Honesty is what ties me to the king… Tied by his name Still we are the same…   Set to return And yet never be the same…   And so she says he’ll return And yet never be seen…   … Continue reading

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A Helpful Book to Becoming a Better Disciple of Christ

Review of The Rhythm of Renewal Sleek and elegant, this simple book is jam packed full of simple techniques to help you become a better disciple of Christ, and just perhaps, a true Christian. I have provided the link below … Continue reading

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Review of Golem Legend: Origins and Implications (Non-Fiction, 1985)

A very concise and simple book explaining the historical origins of the Jewish legend of the Golem. Two main messages Byron creates are thus as follows: 1) Thru language we are able to express our creation 2) There is a … Continue reading

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The Teachings From Jesus in His Book “Jesus: My Autobiography”

The following is a reference to follow while reading thru the book Jesus: My Autobiography. For further information on how to read the book and who to contact regarding its authorship, please contact Tina Spalding at her website: http://channelingjesus.com/ Judgement is … Continue reading

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Someone Saved My Life Tonight: The Pastor Sal Perez Story (Theater, 2017)

Pastor Sal Perez is that simple play about a young man who is addicted to drugs and thrown in jail in an attempt to save his life. Tho the play states that is about the well known Pastor, mister Sal … Continue reading

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Visions from God

Walking along the edge of the road of a busy side street A vision was given to me This is what I saw: A sky without telephone poles Nor concrete to obstruct the view A person showed me a place … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer

Humble yourself       motherfucker and take the Lord       upon your soul. And eat like the bird       picking its prey knowing your meal       comes from home. And bow when he appears       before the liar– be grateful the spirit       flows thru your veins. … Continue reading

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