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Captain Marvel (Trailer, 2018)

[bri larson looks awesome–can’t wait to work with] [like the look, last shot reminds of iron man] [seperate tree now, this one down the iron man, captain america 3 tree line] [maybe have evans and downey earn resume experience for … Continue reading

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Review of Daredevil Ultimate Collection — Book 1

Review of Daredevil Ultimate Collection — Book 1   Well past the point of becoming a cliche by now, the presentation of the superhero tale in a nuanced caricature of violent justice and the repercussions that entail from the pursuit … Continue reading

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My First Free Comic Book Day – 2016

The greatest day beside X-Mas was upon us to the delight of all our inner 11 years olds. Yes, I’m talking about free comic book day–an annual event where we’re all geeks and fans, and not just of the films. … Continue reading

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Tackling the Morality of Violence in Netflix’s Daredevil

So about a month ago I wrote a review about the pilot episode of Netflix’s original series Daredevil. In that review I praised the episode for taking on a more realistic and serious tone compared with Marvel’s studio films. I … Continue reading

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Is Marvel Collapsing Under its Own Weight?

Note: This article was first published under the now defunct blog Positive Reviews Only. It has been reposted here for preservation. It’s starting to feel like too much of a good thing. First there was the announcement that Sony and … Continue reading

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Daredevil 1.1 (TV, 2015)

Finally, Marvel has made an attempt to match tones with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Whether you think that’s a good thing or bad thing most likely depends on whether you prefer DC or a Marvel. I prefer neither. My biggest … Continue reading

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