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Easy Sketches for Beginners with Just For Fun Drawing — Book Review

While perusing the library shelves this week I stumbled across this fun little book on drawing that seemed to be geared for people like me looking for easy sketches for beginners. The book is pretty straightforward and comes in what … Continue reading

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Can a Business Be Considered Art???

For those new to this corner of the woods, I've grown very adept at getting my poetry noticed, if not read for once. Which is great! I've been writing poetry off and on since 2004, back when I was a … Continue reading

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WordPress Recently Added an Email List Signup Widget

So, I’ve been thinking of ways to grow followers to my blog. One current way I’ve been doing so is by becoming active in the blogging community. Every day I spend about an hour reading other blogs, looking for news … Continue reading

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A Helpful Book to Becoming a Better Disciple of Christ

Review of The Rhythm of Renewal Sleek and elegant, this simple book is jam packed full of simple techniques to help you become a better disciple of Christ, and just perhaps, a true Christian. I have provided the link below … Continue reading

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A Summary of Brave and Reckless’ Advice for New WordPress Bloggers

A Summary of Brave and Reckless’ Advice for New WordPress Bloggers I’ve recently begun looking for advice and tips on how to improve my blog’s readership and overall quality and while searching found a useful post that offers some guidelines … Continue reading

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New Career as YouTube Content Creator

Today I started my unofficial new career as a YouTube Content Creator! All kidding aside, I want to start making some fun videos that hopefully get a following. This is my first video. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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