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The Ongoing Adventure of Mary

For Yesterday’s Installment, go here!   #2   Hello, said Tom, her late husband. Mary glanced out the window afraid of what she would find. Again, there was another tingling sensation. It’s me Tom, he said, and kissed her cheek. … Continue reading

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gentle glide the horror of the gape the wonder of feeling the womb felt with a fist

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halls of anathema

brown shit stains tarred by the darkness into the fire i walk   as skeletons hang in torn rags executioners without a mask gaze on praying for souls that i am to keep   and down the cement I spiral … Continue reading

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2016: The Movie (Film Trailer, 2016)

Well, I’ve seen it all folks! This might be the funniest trailer I’ve seen in a while, one that completely fooled me into thinking it could be a real movie (at least for the first minute of a 3 minute … Continue reading

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.4

[exhales a satisfied sigh] Ah, another strong episode of good ol’ Buffy. Maybe it’s been the time I’ve taken off from the show (I finished season 6 back in March of last year) but this season has been really rich … Continue reading

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7.3

3 episodes in and it’s already apparent that I’m enjoying Buffy’s final season infinitely more than season 6 and it’s dour and sadness. Last season was a drag with everyone depressed and Buffy constantly moping around, to the point where … Continue reading

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Discovering Disney: Fantasia (film, 1940)

Reviewing these early Disney animated features is a pain in the ass. I don’t say this because they’re a chore to sit through or that they’re bad films, but because it’s impossible to find a fresh angle to review them. Such … Continue reading

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