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Amy Bends Over…

Amy has the bend overs, she thinks to herself, as he lifts up her blue skirt, getting her ready for the first pump. She grips the wooden headboard, as he readies himself to insert. “Oh my, I hope this doesn’t … Continue reading

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On Victory and Elysian

When you come to the city of Toledo, find the street of Victory and follow it onto Elysian; there your destiny lies… It was a sluggish and frigid Friday morn. A man trudged out of his small white house, cursing … Continue reading

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Twittering Tales — August 2017

Twittering Tale #43 – 1 August 2017   About the challenge: Each Tuesday, Kat provides a prompt, and your mission, if you choose to play along, is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less. A … Continue reading

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Now Mary is Depressed

Mary was back home now, watching HGTV, spefically an episode about her favorite midgets. I think dwarf is the right word. Or is it little person. I apologize that wasn’t politically correct. She kept telling herself she was a fool … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3

For yesterday’s installment, follow the hyperlink here: The Ongoing Adventure of Mary Mary, can you hear me? Oh Tom, is that you? Yes, it is me, your dead husband, come to tell you the good news! Jesus is here! Can you … Continue reading

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an inside joke

He said his name was Josh, but I called him Cliff, after Clifford the fictional big red dog. That was an inside joke. We meet on the 3rd floor unity of the psych ward at St. Charles Hospital in Oregon, … Continue reading

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A Very Very Short Story

It was down that thin line known as Route 24 that I found company in the presence a girl. Fresh faced at 19, she was just a baby. I lived in Toledo and drove an hour to see her. Our … Continue reading

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