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Wonder Woman (Film, 2017)

Wonder Woman may be the film that finally earns WB respect in the superhero genre, though it must be stated, they earned that privilege a long time ago. But if this is where the world of online film criticism is … Continue reading

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Peter Rabbit (Film, 2017)

Well, seeing as former Birth.Movies.Death writers Devin Faraci and Film Crit Hulk are back on WordPress, I guess the time is ripe for a film review of my favorite film of 2017. Yeah, it took Sony and a children’s film to … Continue reading

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2016: The Movie (Film Trailer, 2016)

Well, I’ve seen it all folks! This might be the funniest trailer I’ve seen in a while, one that completely fooled me into thinking it could be a real movie (at least for the first minute of a 3 minute … Continue reading

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Raw Deal (film, 1986)

There’s a moment in Raw Deal where the screenwriters flirt with any real thematic ideas. The FBI chief (Darren McGavin) asks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character–a sheriff playing a mole inside the Chicago mob–if he’s “Gonna stick?” to which Arnold replies that … Continue reading

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