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When Women are KINGS 2 👑 

EPISODE 2 While they kept discussing about their families and the economy of the country and how expensive things are in the market and how their ladies been giving them very little and be expecting very much. They had complained … Continue reading

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When women are KINGS 👑 

PREFACE This story I’m about to write about is very real and happened while I grew up. Never doubt the authenticity. God had gone on a very long journey that he won’t be returning in a month’s time. He left … Continue reading

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Daydreaming About a WebCam Model

She sits on the edge of my bed, dressed in garments and lace. She says her name is Stacey, but from the looks of it, she is simply my hooker. I stare from my own corner, my head tucked against … Continue reading

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Toledo, OH 1996

Toledo, OH 1996   The boys lived in the East Side of Toledo, which sat east of the Maumee River, hence the name. Two bridges connected connected the isolated side of town to the city: the Hi-Level Bridge and the … Continue reading

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Mary Gets a Job

Welcome back to another exciting adventures of Mary. For last week’s episode, click here: Mary Has a Guest For Dinner On this weeks episode, we’ll learn just why God is upset with Mary, and why Jesus never showed up for dinner. … Continue reading

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Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

Welcome to the ongoing adventure of Mary! We’re so excited for you to turn into our favorite daytime soap opera! Now that you’re here, treat yourself to a recap of last night’s episode! As you may have heard by now, … Continue reading

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Review of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Novel, 2012)

Set to the backdrop of Nazi occupation of Europe and the exploding popularity of pulp trash, an art form we now celebrate as the holy comic book, is the tale of a lonely Jewish son estranged from his family and … Continue reading

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