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Pictures of You (book, 2011)

Alright, so here’s the scoop: The novel, Pictures of You… The Author? Leavitt already… The players are: Sam, Charlie, and Isabelle– Is she a swan you might ask, let me tell you one thing: Yes! (1) So the story goes … Continue reading

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A Shout Out To My Favorite Film Website

After the debacle that was the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, it was reassuring to see Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) get back on the saddle with Gifted, starring Chris Evans (Snowpiercer) and an adorable Grace McKenna (Designated Survivor). Unfortunately, his … Continue reading

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Salvage the Bones (Book Review)

Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward My rating: 3 of 5 stars Sometimes it can be difficult to read such a precious book and maintain the facade of being a film critic at the same time. Something delicate can be … Continue reading

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Zebra F-301 Ball Point Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

The following is a review of the Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Pen in the form of a haiku   Rocket nosed barrel Steel ancestry forged to please It’s theft imminent  

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this be the verse (poem, 1972)

This little gem of a poem consists of three stanzas written with an alternating rhyme scheme, employing an iambic tetrameter and my god do I have no idea what that is. “This be the Verse” is a slam dunk of … Continue reading

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Apollo’s Song (Comic, 1977)

Apollo’s Song (Comic, 1977) Writer/Artist: Osamu Tezuka One of the pleasures of visiting my local library is getting the opportunity to peruse their graphic novel section. The genre is something I’ve had a love and hate relationship with for many … Continue reading

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A Trope That Needs to Go

It’s hard to avoid hearing about sexism in art these days, especially with social media websites such as Twitter or Tumblr. It only takes a quick glance to spot what Reddit users dub Social Justice Warriors–people who point out questionable … Continue reading

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