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Discovering Disney: Fantasia (film, 1940)

Reviewing these early Disney animated features is a pain in the ass. I don’t say this because they’re a chore to sit through or that they’re┬ábad films, but because it’s impossible to find a fresh angle to review them. Such … Continue reading

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The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (comic, 1999)

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman was, is, and forever will be the greatest comic book series. I exaggerate, but there’s little doubt to how influential and great the series was. Here was a comic series that felt literary and weighty, a … Continue reading

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Mad Men 7.14 (TV, 2015)

Who would have guessed that all Don Draper needed was a hug? In a somewhat surprising traditional finale, Matthew Weiner and Co. gave a sense of finality with our flawed but cherishes characters, almost all with seemingly happy endings. That’s … Continue reading

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