Skinny Lover and Mrs. Swift

Taylor, where are you…


Skinny lover, can’t you be kind?

In the morning I’ll be with you,

But tomorrow will always be left behind,

And yesterday is just another year,

And still you’re not here,


Oh, skinny lover,

Why can’t you see?

It’s Taylor that is Me…


And I told you to be kind,

And I told you our love was wasted,

But if we could only find,


The end of our lives,

Just to realize you were mine,


And I you,

The one to always love you,

And follow well behind…


Come on skinny lover,

Please be kind,

Don’t leave me,

Just to realize…


My my my,


and still so far away…


taylor swift poetry

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The Pussy Generation

I’m the generation of pussies,

offended by your insight,

now let ask me you something, punk?

are you ready to die?

well, are you…


to harrison ford




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We’ll never be famous!!!

We’ll never be famous

and that’s okay

it’s just a silly game —


and so she spins again

and presses play,

we’ll never be famous,

but we’ll always say!


and i want you forever…

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why you’re poor

they say they have autism

because they don’t speak upper class

here’s a pill for your dumbass..


haven’t you heard? let’s invent a disease

here’s a pill for you

say god bless when they sneeze,


now you got a label a diagnosis and phd

move up that social ladder,

and remember to say please…


and now them dumb fucking faggots

who could never write or read

wear crowns and say thank you

while you sucking you on their knees…


and so the social tide flips,

and still you say shit,

but be grateful motherfucker,

because i’m the one with the fat lip 😉


and so the white class gets rich

and the poor just change their name again

celebrate your birth right mother fuckers,

cause some don’t say shit!

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Nothing remains dead forever…

Nothing stays dead forever

Nor never remains the same,

And still we have each other

And this hopeless game…


You were me once,

And I were you…

Now you strangle me,

And I can’t explain…


All I was, and all I need,

For in me rests the same,

Just a silly pun and twist of thread,

and such a stupid game…


I was fearing now,

Feeling down,

by a moon we moved on,

And still we went round…


and I ain’t ready,

but still I hold steady,

and now I hold you in my arms,

and still I feel alarmed…


such a stupid game,

and yet it never remains the same,

’cause nothing remains dead forever,

nor never stays the same…


smile thru the pain…

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Stay with me…

Pull together…

Thru another land…

On this journey,

Please take my hand…


Things get too sharp,

And tho you pull too hard…

I miss nothing,

I break no hearts…


Elasticity is the band that stretches wide,

And simplicity is your key,

And tho we sway,

I swear we miss this journey…


To Sia…


Stay with me...

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My Little One and the Lady in My Head

Dreaming of all the girl’s I’ve fucked

And still so many more…

Trying to forget you babe

And still so many more…


Pushing boundaries since 2009

Staying and yet trying to pretend

Pretty lips and perfect tits

And still so many more…


Trying to numb the pain

Where the fun got’s no end

Tiny dancers and a little spin

And still so many more…


And so I stay high

With you always on my mind

So many bushes you can find

And still so many more…


And still she is the one for me…

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