Temper my heart, oh silent one!

Temper my heart, oh silent one!
And shatter my smile,
My teeth they are crooked,
My face your little while,
While gentle you ride,
Small you glide!

Temper my heart, oh silent one!

But please…

Temper away…

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Por tu…

Que es la mujer
de la mi corazon?
en la mañana tu es!
y en la noche
tu también es!

pero ahora

pero las todos…

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Ahora (i)

Ahora en la mañana
Ahora en la noche
Pero ahora…

Still too soon…

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Sincere Apology for a Poem Being Stolen

Here at Flawed Masterpieces we take plagiarism seriously. Which is why we are offering an apology for a poem that appears to have been stolen.

The author, Mikewill, has been removed from the site. And we offer our sincere condolences.


Flawed Masterpieces

Michael Medlen

CEO and President


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Avoid Petty People At All Costs…

So, what do we do today?

Recently having embarked on strange trips with wierd New Age Occults, I discovered that some people honestly and earnestly believe that no thought is their own. Wierd, huh?

Who are people who don’t think thoughts are their own and why do they believe that only spirits can affect us?

It’s as if there is a weird occult where people have brains hooked up to each other in anticipation that they’re voice will be heard. As if we should give a fuck.

Let me clarify. Petty people are those who use hurt to hurt you, in anticipation that you do what they want. Like making your arm suddenly feel a sprain in hope that you do exactly what they tell you to do.

Imagine now the horror of being told that no thought is your own, but rather, the results of millions of “spirits” trying to guide your think. How crazy would that be? Can you imagine the horror of trying to write an article when someone else thinks they’re your thought process.

Such is the horror of many New Ageists, who honestly believe that thoughts come from other people. As if the human brain wasn’t capable of creating it’s own thought. How obnoxious, right?

On the other hand, there is the thought that maybe thoughts are influenced by other people, in which case, yeah, no thought is really created in a vaccum. But I digress.

Of course, all of this must be discared if you consider yourself a “telepath” in which case, kind sirs, you are just assholes who are, as we all say, “petty”.

As always, much love, and God bless!



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Notes on Chanel: A Conversation with Coco

So Mrs. Coco–

C: Uh uh uh, call me C, and leave it at that.

Med: Uh, sure. So C?

C: Too much. Stop talking…

Med: I’ll just write the notes…


Opens with Ext. — Country Side of France — A Country Boarding House

A big building, reminiscent of Charles X’s School for Gifted Students.

Int. — A Skeleton Keyhole

Eye peers inside it. Cut to Little Coco, 10 yeas old, staring thru the hole. Inside, a small bedroom. Her older Sister, Bigger Coco, Stands nude with corset on.

Title Card: “1892, Southern Tip of France”, dissolve: “The Countryside…”

A man pulls loose her corset, one lace at a time. As the corset falls, we see her sister nude. Very cute butt. Her back is to our heroine’s POV. A deep breath. As Little Coco peers on, a man’s hand caresses bigger Chanel’s cheek, drawing his hand slowly down her face to her neck, then shoulder, then back.

More deep breaths. No music, almost silent. A whisper:

Please don’t.

slam: big coco thrown on bed. The man draws down his pants. A heavier breath. He goes for the plunge!

Just then:

Governess: What do you think you’re doing Missy?

Little Coco turns in horror:

Slam Cut: Int. — French Class– A book drops in a classroom.

Heavy sound.

On blackboard is words written in french. At the head is our evil Mrs. Head Governess, standing with long pointer stick. She slaps the stick against the board. Now, repeat after me…

Coco sits there stunned…


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A Film Pitch From Kanye West

Yo dawgs!

Image result for kanye west

Kanye West here!

Got a film pitch to my main man and new producer Jay Z! Welcome to the club bro!

Also, as a new hype man for this cool Hollywood “blog” (soon to be magazine–editor’s note) we like to introduce our new nigga and guest contributer: Kayne West!

Kayne: hi!

I won’t spoil who our new bitch is, but apologies if my “urban” slang offends. Not really tho!

Kayne: Am I doing good, dog!

Med: You guys are the best! But who’s going to be our Main Editor!

Seth McFarlane for Michael Bay (Private Investors): Soon to find out!


Kanye slams the mic down. Peace homies!

Image result for miley's tongue

attachment: Black Scarface

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