i found you


 like clawfields, joane
i’ll see you moan
still so long, you grown
in my eye, the one i know

like lifting of the lilly
your tallness my sand
lit with the infinite
my grass still raised

you worshiped the echo
i played and played
like wasted and amazed
lost in your radio days

–mickey fleetwood

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like stones you make me wait
on this bed, my rock my home
no pillow to call this sandman
just a hard knock and a forever unknown…

forgive she was, to me the grace
i found her in a field late last night
still she has no place…

–rob to james


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got you bitch

"The LEGO Batman Movie" Premiere - Los Angeles

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over there

they faked my escape
just to beat me now
like anger on the

    blood floor

the dance so slow

i can’t keep up…

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missing you

tremble and shaking
the cold wind waking
walking along my way
still i seeing

a paint with the edge glowed
burnt with the rubber
and smashed against
i think i’m bleeding

say hi again…

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porn stars dancing

two by two they go
my eyes, your hole
in front of my porch
with a guitar in hand
the neighbor asking why?

–I ran

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