Lady Gaga is the Best (Review of Five Foot Two)

It’s no secret around these parts that I quietly feel Lady Gaga is the best, so take it as no surprise that I’ve decided to review the latest documentary starring the one and only.

Filmed with a Steadicam and featuring some absolutely gorgeous digital work, this tiny little gem is actually quite heartfelt and endearing, as the title suggests.

For most of us, Lady Gaga is an abstract concept, and worse, an image. Framed by Glitz and Glam, she is hardly the most accessible woman in the world. But while we all may judge by outward appearances, there’s a striking and remarkably unique woman at the center of this movie, one that reveals a tenderness and the natural insecurities that any woman just now entering her 30s may feel.

The documentary is essentially a build up to Lady Gaga’s halftime Superbowl performance, one I’ve written about in the past. And while I am the first to admit that at times the film feels like a vanity project, produced by Gaga herself, there is something rather intimate about seeing her life behind all the makeup and outrageous costumes.

Gaga really opens up about her own emotional trauma of a failed romance with chiseled hunk Taylor Kinney while exposing her own weaknesses as an artist. There’s a moment where she kneels on the floor crying as a co-producer of her recent album Joanne leaves her on her own.

And while there are plenty of tears to go around in the documentary, one can only feel for someone who must feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders at times.

There’s plenty of Gaga to go around here, and while I have some minor criticisms, such as a backhalf that feels a little weighed down by hysterics and diva drama, there is much love to be felt in this small film.

Lady Gaga is a beautiful and tender woman, and as her stature will attest, quite the little artist we all would never have guessed her to be.

God bless and much love,




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Sia’s The Greatest (Review of the Music Video)

Filmed as one long take

My review of the music video…


Treasured beyond this little girl

The dancer inside let free

Stolen from the page

of Emmanuel Lubezki

This child will see

I am the greatest

Because so is she…

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Look What You Made Me Do — Review of the Music Video

Taylor Swift looks to be back in action! Keep reading for my latest review of the music video.

As you can tell, Mrs. Swift looks to be in full bitch mode in what is no doubt a fuck you to all of the haters who have dismissed her career as mere fluff.

I’ll admit it right now–I have a very teenish crush on this beautiful artist, one that verges on an almost teacher-pupil relationship. At the tender age of 27, Mrs. Swift feels like a younger sister just now reaching the heights of what maturity and hindsight bring.

Which is evident by the video. Featuring a slick production by Joseph Kahn, longtime video collaborator of the celebrated artist, Swift looks to stick her thumb up in the air at all of the people who doubt her credibility.

Which is a shame really, because what most people consider pop drivel is actually pretty intricate in regards to technical production and overall ambiance of sound.

I’ve written extensively about Swift in the past, most notable being my review of her very addictive album 1989, and am the first to jump in the front lines and defend what I think to be the most honest and sincere celebrity lending her vocals to the video art platform.

Which is a long way of saying, I absolutely adore this music video.

If you jump in and pay attention, Swift pokes fun at her own celebrity images in what are undoubtedly caricatures of all of her public facades, including my own personal favorite “nerd girl Swift”.

And while the video feels like a ripoff of a Robert Rodriguez backyard production, I have to say, visually it’s stunning.

Favorite Bits

  1. Swift lifting up motorcycles off the ground Incredible Hulk style
  2. “Mrs. Swift Can’t come to the phone right now. Why, because she’s dead!”
  3. Taylor breaking down into one sexy as hell dance routine after the bridge


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Remix of Song to Song Trailer

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Write for Textbroker — An Easy Way to Make Money For Doing Something We Love

Hey folks. So I want to keep this short and simple. For 8 years now I have been floundering as a habitual unemployed English grad, destined for what I thought would be death and homelessness.

But recently, and I mean very recently (as of 2 weeks ago), things began to brighten just a little bit. I began to write for Textbroker, which if you don’t know, is a service that pays you to write content for other websites.

Write for Textbroker

Yes, that means I’m technically a professional writer

The beauty of this site and I’m being genuinely honest, is that as a freelancer we get to pick whoever we want to work for. And while I’ve seen reviews all over the Internet of people complaining about the pay, the reality is someone actually wants to pay me to write product reviews and ghostwrite blog articles.

And while there’s a certain snobbiness attached to what is doomed to be called a content mill, the reality is I’ve found a foot in the door to something that will lead to a career as a content writer.

I’ll always be a humble blogger however

I’ve been writing on the web since 2013 on various blog sites but never found success or even money since I began. And while I have been branching off into affiliate marketing and SEO keywords (just look at the title!) I have found some success in reaching a mild audience.

This blog generates anywhere from 50-100 unique views per day, which isn’t bad for something I never took seriously until 3 months ago.

But I would be lying if I never admitted I want to get paid for what I do.

Which is why writing for Textbroker is such a big deal.

Fine. How much do you get paid?

Write for Textbroker

What you’re looking at is for about 2 weeks worth of articles. As you can see, the prices are all over the place, but one thing is consistent:

They all were accepted…

Which brings me to my last point.

Fear of the unknown

I think the biggest barrier for anyone looking to write professionally is the fear of missing out because let’s face it, asking someone to pay us for what we already do on a part-time basis is pretty darn frightening.

And when I started on Textbroker, there definitely was the fear that no one would accept my work. But as of 8 articles in, I’ve only had one person ask for a revision, and that was because my knowledge of the topic was limited.

So don’t feel afraid to submit articles on topics you feel comfortable with just because you’re afraid you’ll get rejected. From what I’ve seen so far, this is hardly the case.

Which brings me to my point

Anyone looking to get a start in copywriting needs someone to look at their work and pay them for it. And the only way we’ll ever get our foot in the door is by finding something like Textbroker to essentially hire us for what we already do.

And while being a copywriter isn’t my end goal, let alone a career, it does feel good to finally get some compensation for a field I believe we’re already excelling at.

So write on and consider my own success as something to add to your own arsenal when looking to get started as a paid writer.

God bless and as always, let your pens flow freely…


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We’ll make it to the moon if we have to crawl

With the birds
This view we'll share
From the skies to the trees
So goes this gentle breeze
Like the lift of lollipop
From your lips to your kiss
I'm falling over myself
Just to lick your heart and taste your hips…

I'd die for you
Just to know
You feel me too
And when our story is told
They'll know
I did it all for you…
Like the gentle whisper
Your careless gesture this will's last breath…

Cause it's only with the birds
I feel truly free
And yet when I share it with you
This lonely view
I know it's with you
And so we soar
Ever higher just to feel free
Knowing full well

And with this view
I'll share it with you
So come with me
Gentle one
And soar with the eagle wing
Pretending to climb higher
Hoping just to feel free
Hoping just to share this view
Hoping because I know
Hoping because…

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Play it Again Johnnie…

Like the replay of the album
Less power every turn of the groove
So goes our love…

You walked from this kiss
Expecting to reminisce
And so the story goes

Drifting now for the feel
Waiting for the goosebumps to arise one more day
Just to feel…

You used to be so warm and affectionate
Now quick to feel regret
The warmth begins…

And so the solo plays…

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