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World’s Worst Poet

So I didn’t change underwear for a week,

Does that make me gross?

I did shower twice in 5 days

Fucked on myself camera a few times during the whole ordeal

I kinda enjoyed it

Smelled like sex and cheap perfume!


Now I think of you and decide to wash my clothes

Let your face dictate the terms of this ordeal

You make me want to clean up my act

Or at least stop being so honest on this blog

But I’ll save that for a better poem

Right now I just want to see your face


And I did change my clothes!

To Tove Lo (ii)

They hid her voice

Behind Alkamaine

Traced by wings of a butterfly


Tove Lo she said

Stay high all the time

Just to keep you on my mind


Breasts like an angels

Tits pierced with dimes

A face buried behind the pain…


She kept herself locked in

And played to just pretend

If only she was my friend!



Great Blogs to Follow 8/14/17

Starting every month, I will be posting links to some of my favorite poetry, photography, and inspirational blogs among other areas. Feel free to explore this list and discover some other artists and writers!


Paul Militaru

Words From a Little Person

Like Mercury Colliding (Kat Myrman)

Your Success Inspirer


This was inspired by Dream Big Often’s blog post which can be found here.

Support the project

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Travel to Russia

If you enjoy my photography and feel that you get inspired by the pictures I take, I would appreciate any voluntary donation. All the donations will be used for my artistic projects and traveling to picturesque places to bring you more images to enjoy. All the pictures I take (including reportage or event photography) I do on the basis of pure enjoyment and getting interesting material on various subjects. For me – photography is a passion, not a profession.


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untitled (iii)

Getting lost in words I don’t understand
Perhaps too lazy for a dictionary
Or just not enough of scholar to understand
How an Indian Poet can have such command
Of a language bastardized by French
And encapsulated with a hybrid abomination
That is our pronunciation
Not to mention the bizarre spelling
And yet I find myself drifting
Lost in a sound that is both familiar and exotic
And yet strangely familiar…