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Twittering Tales #35 – 20 June 2017

I sat waiting for Jerry to arrive with my banana, only to discover a kielbasa. That was when I knew I was in a someone else’s story…

Source: Twittering Tales #35 – 20 June 2017


Mary Gets a Job

Welcome back to another exciting adventures of Mary. For last week’s episode, click here: Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

On this weeks episode, we’ll learn just why God is upset with Mary, and why Jesus never showed up for dinner. But first, an exciting advertisement from our sponsors!

My Autobiography


And now, from our sponsors, we invite you to please purchase this book and leave a comment for Tina on her blog, which can be found after purchasing her exciting new book!

But first, back to our purpose!

Ananda: Tina, how did you find us?

Tina: Well, you came to me!

Ananda: Then how can they find us?

Ananda: Pray first and he shall reveal himself.

Tina: Thank you Tina!

Alright folks, you heard it first! Let’s return to our narrative!

On last week’s episode, Mary was told by her late Husband Tom that her husband was really alive and that Jesus was coming to visit her for diner. But just when Tina came by, Mary opened the door and awoke to find that Jesus was displeased with her. Which brings us to tonight’s episode!

Tina, do you know why you have been invited into this narrative?

I have been trained in a course in miracles.

And have you found what you were searching for?

I have found hope but now I pray for this one. I understand his struggle. Please be patient.

Mary woke to find that she was in the midst of a tribulation and that her life was just the beginning of something larger. But the question now loomed over her: Would she changer her ways and follow in the footsteps of Jesus?

Mary, why do you long for Tom when he is with you?

Who is that? she asked, staring out her bedroom window.

The man who prays for you.

Tom, why didn’t Jesus show up for dinner?

Because you never invited him in. He will never show up without an invitation.

But I pray to him everynight, doubly so after you left.

Yes, but have you asked him to come over for dinner?

Why would I have done that?

Because you are praying for something else. You were praying to see me again. But now I’m asking you to pray for Tina to come by and show you how can you find Jesus!

Who is Tina?

Why don’t you ask and find out?

Well folks, that’s it for this week’s episode of The Ongoing Adventures of Mary. Due to lack of exposure, we face the threat cancelling this thrilling miniseries, but will continue on with your continued hearts and prayers. But first, we must know you’re out there and want you to seek us through these two. Until next week, adios amigos!

Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

Welcome to the ongoing adventure of Mary! We’re so excited for you to turn into our favorite daytime soap opera! Now that you’re here, treat yourself to a recap of last night’s episode!

As you may have heard by now, Jesus is coming to dinner. But little does Mary know that he isn’t the person she was expecting. Nor does she realize that her late husband Tom is in fact alive at this moment, waiting to see her again…

For a full recap, read last night’s episode hereThe Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3


As Mary looked around the room trying to find something to occupy her mind, she heard a loud knock from the living room door. Remembering what her late husband Tom had just told her, she felt another tingling sensation.

Go to the door, Mary, Tom said. Her loins cooled down a bit now, but her heart was now beating very rapidly, as if it was the creature from the film Alien ready to burst out of her chest.

“Who can it be?” she thought to herself, looking around quizzically.

Why don’t you go and find out, Tom said.

“Yes, dear,” she thought. Mary stood up, and walked out of the living room and into a bright ray of light, only to be awoken from a dream. It was at this moment that she realized she had made the whole thing up,or so she thought.

But just when she felt a tear start to swell in her eye, there was another tingling sensation.

It was God this time, and he was not too pleased…


Well folks, what does God have in store for Mary now that she missed her date with Jesus? Tune in next time to find out, as we continue our ongoing adventures with Mary!




The A Team

Salvage the Bones (Book Review)

Salvage the BonesSalvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes it can be difficult to read such a precious book and maintain the facade of being a film critic at the same time. Something delicate can be hard to break, and for me, I felt guilt while reading this lovely minor novel from the MFA Grad Jesmyn Ward.

I make a dinstinction here, because as the back of the cover assures me, Mrs. Ward is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s MFA program, which seems to take all precedent of her little bio, never mind the fact that she has published another novel before this one. Why such the great lengths to impress with a title when her works should suffice?

Their is a current in the writing realm today, which is that one cannot be published unless one pursues a higher education, as if the only road to success and fame runs through the university. Never mind that Hemingway travelled to Italy to serve as a Paramedic during the great first war, or that Jane Austen so bravely defied the odds of winding up in a loveless marriage. So why does Ward, who assures us lived through the tragic Hurrican Katrine, hide behind a degree when her life should stand up to snuff?

Sure, the novel is a fine read. The prose is choppy and awkward, but perhaps that is an exterior reflection of our protragonist’s Esch’s inner turmoil and poor upbringing. I digress.

The novel feels lovely, close in vein to the voice of the little girl narrator in To Kill a Mockingbird, perhaps it’s influence a little to felt in the sauce of this recipe. And yet as I read the little voice grew inside me, overcoming me, and drawing my affection. I could really sense Esh’s spirit while reading, and that is no small feat.

Ward has a firm sense of voice, which I would argue is her main strength. She succeeds at capturing her main protagonist so well that it’s hard to get out of her head. And while this is something I respect, I find that it often was distracting. I had a foggy sense of the other characters around Esch, especially of her brothers Skeeter, Junior, and Randall. Why do the men that seem to be so important to her life feel like hollow sketches, and worse, shadows upon a wall?

Perhaps this solipsistic approach is a larger example of what we might as well dub ’empathatic narratives’, a way of forcing us to see the world the way our narrator has chosen to. And yet I feel lost in this technique, unsure of what I should take away from it. I felt a sadness for Esch, her own sexuality forced upon her at such a young age, as if she was incapable of expressing love without submitting to the sexual demand violent man children.

And yet, despite my own feelings of shortcoming, their is a quiet strength about her. The way she carries herself in the presence of strong male figures, her steel determination of surviving the hurricane, and her own introspection. Their is a longing here, and I sense she must have grown up quite a bit since the time frame during which this novel has taken place.

There’s some minor critiques here. The ending feels jammed onto a story that is about something larger. About the absence of a mother, about a child learning to be a man when she should be embracing her womanhood. About men who don’t know how to live with a woman. And perhaps, above all, this is the start of something more magnificent. I wish Ward all the success in the world, I just hope she realizes an award isn’t it.

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The Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3

For yesterday’s installment, follow the hyperlink here: The Ongoing Adventure of Mary

Mary, can you hear me?

Oh Tom, is that you?

Yes, it is me, your dead husband, come to tell you the good news! Jesus is here! Can you believe it?

I don’t understand…

Jesus is here! Get out of this bed and rinse some dishes. We have a meal to prepare.

But I can’t cook anymore. You know how bad my hands are.

Trust me. All will be revealed…

Tune in next time folks, as we learn more about Mary’s guest for dinner, on your favorite ongoing adventures of Mary!



George Washington’s Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our Country

George Washington's Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our CountryGeorge Washington’s Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our Country by George Washington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some of my favorite rules are ones meant to guide children as they make their way through life. While some of these tips to behave may seem outdated, there is much to cherish and learn from.

Written with both wit and grace, every rule is followed by a snippet about how it applied to George Washington’s life, serving not only as an amusing commentary but as well a history lesson one of the first founding fathers of our great country.

Adorable and cute, this concise book is a must have for every little lady and gentleman looking to make an impression on the world around them. I know I won’t be picking at my teeth without a toothpick soon!

A hearty 4 stars and a toast to those who mind others. May we all learn a little respect!

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Twittering Tale #34 – 12 June 2017

Jerry peeled the banana, waiting for a pleasant sunrise, only to discover the monkey had swapped out the fruit for day old kielbasa!



like mercury colliding...


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt, and your mission, if you choose to play along, is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less. If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.

A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt. Have Fun!

Twittering Tale #33 – The Round-Up

architecture-2178282_640 “Architecture” from

From Michael at Morpethroad:

All was in readiness
The trap had been set.
Settle back, be patient.
The prize well worth the trouble.
A promotion rested on this success.
(140 characters)

From Kitty at Kitty’s Verses:

Two made a couple and…

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