Maybe I’m Too Close to This One

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen this coming since that episode of Mad Men where John Hamm pulls his girlfriend off the set of a soap opera. And yet, that’s where I am. Maybe this was just the wrong woman to be with me when she clearly was having fun while I suffered through a painful year of homelessness and physical torture.

It’s nice to see her trying, and her improvising skills seems a little shaky, but perhaps it’s just her character speaking.

As for the film trailer, I’ll be honest, I’m just not sure if her heart is even in this one.

Perhaps acting class is getting me to ask this, but what is her personal connection to the character other than she is a pop star?

It’s a fake nose, which makes her beautiful? She’s never been a folk artist, and now wants credibility in a genre that she hasn’t even earned her way in to yet?

At least she got to perform, which she’s good at, but even I have to start asking, what’s the point of this film?

Pop stars get famous because they have a pussy and are pretty? Now she’s going to do rock music?

At least Janis will have a point and hero. And a star who actually performs in that genre. Maybe it’s disappoint, or just hurt that she keeps contacting me when I was struggling the most, and helped herself and herself only.

But sometimes stings speak louder than words. As for me,

i think i’ll pass…

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Carousel (Music Video, 2015)

total lana del ray. now look shes bored okay, and like, she’s tired of anal sex. the guy’s too big, and yeah’s, she’s bored of his muscles. you can tottaly tell by the way she lowers herself, or as she insists, the eyelids…

a visual reference:

the horse–the dude
the freak show– how odd it is to see this mismatched couple together
carousel–the nature of their affair

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Food Whore (Memoir, 2015)

[needs a husband, and a job with the times: help promote]


[trying to go for the zeitgeist: new prose style that mimics female protagonist’s internal thought process]

[prefer to call it a memoir, rather than a novel]

[use to anounce production of “Chanel”–add a trailer later]

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Blog will bo shutting down soon

Well folks, here at Flawed Masterpieces, it is a time for a good ol’ end of times scare. As you may or not know, Flawed Masterpieces is a home to all of your fine art needs, but sadly, does not have the capability to keep itself running.

Part of the problem is the fact that this tiny little thing doesn’t make a profit, rather, I lose 100 bucks a year running it. And as silly as it sounds to say I cannot keep a 100 dollar a year website running, I’m not joking. I’m homeless in LA with bench warrant for my arrest and have no way to access money in my bank account.

WordPress will not accept a payment from PayPal, where the money is stored, but rather, will only take a debit card in my name. And as crazy as that sounds, I cannot even obtain that.

A debit can be purchased at a local corner store, but when you don’t have an ID, Birth Cerfiticate, or even Social Security card, things get out of hand. And like every good illegal knows, if you’re skin color ain’t brown, you’re not getting a job anytime soon.

So while I continue to evade authorites and try not to go to county for uh, avoiding anger management, I now have the stress of trying to get a debit card in my name by November, or uh, as most people will point out, will lose the URL.

Of course, the data storage might be a problem too, but like most end of times narratives, I know we’ll make it out alright in the end.

Just don’t ask about the stress you’ll have to go through every time. Even Jesus couldn’t protect you from pain.

From a Now Japanese Sensai to a population of naive baptists and would be Christians, if pain is what you seek, seek it and ye shall find.

Some of simply fought for peace of mind.


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Now I’m Nervous

Cue Song: “Nuvole Bianche”

Film opens with Milo and Henry in bed, feet exposed, hands twirled above pillow.

A romantic song about two lovers not sure who they love–

A Gay Adolf and a Portrait of a Timid Artist

And still no soul…



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Reborn Through Fire (Memoir, 2007)

First off, let’s just get this straight. This is a self-published book by an former Iranian Auto Mechanic who sincerely believes in God. If he gets burned for a lie, just keep it between ourselves Hollywood.

To set it up. His name is Tony Yarijanian, and he’s [insert]-years-old.

Tony believes in God but has a problem with himself. You won’t find it in the text, but for those of you who need help, it’s call subtext. Just please make sure to refer to him as human, For Jesus.

Tony works as an auto-mechanic in Hollywood, right off Glendale Blvd. He swears his cars work fine and that nothing is the problem with them. But there’s one big no-no, which he kinda makes obvious if you know anything about how sin theory works. Tony doesn’t really fix the cars, he just kinda covers up his mistakes with lies and a hefty bill, kinda like how a doctor would.

Our reporter, Amy Adams, interviews Tony to find out what happened. He denies everything, but word is he fucked up and had a car blow up on his dime. The heat is on, but he insist he’s innocent.

The Law sides on his case until his own moment to shine burst thru, when his own car explodes into a rage of flame, ensaring him in his own baptism by fire. Some need the mafia, some just a little dose of their own gasoline.

For Tony, it’s just a case of reaping what you sow. But damn if he doesn’t look better. Almost as if he has a thicker set of skin. Biceps ain’t bad either, if you ask me…

–Written by Tom Arnold, in case you think they make great doppelgangers. Just don’t shoot the messenger. Some prefer their own baptisms…

#Warning for the Z’s: Intense images of burned flesh and a man reborn. He’s hot and could use some water next time…


PS: Support his blog here: Tony’s 501 (c) (3)

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The Faggot on a Cross (2)

making money is bad!!!!

you only serve 1 master!!!!!

i told you you don’t care about people!!!!!!

follow your heart!!!!!

my heart says make money!!!!!!!

    you always be there in the end, however…

For David Lynch…



His bladder could take no more: A Love Song

His bladder no more
Let the self forget
How the drip, it’s wet

No more control
No more control

It does not exist
This painful mist
It’s the only except

No more control
No more control

The spot never lasts
Yet the smell it’s a blast
And yeah he gets pissed

No more control
No more control

The only exception I give, is the one for you…


Deep in soul, my where love never lasts
Finding ways pats, this alone trail
Two journeys intertwined, yet one soul mine
Keeping it comfortable, this time

And yeah, no more control…

–Hayley Williams


I’ve got a tight lip on reality,
The only one to see me, it’s seeming
Like a whispher, this dream it’s beginning
And still the stream, I’m missing

Hit the bowl..


The only exception, you are
Like a rising star, this time it hits
The burn, the mist, one tends to forget
And yet, he has the feels, and yeah

I have the drips…

End transcript…

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