Black Bitch on Her Back

Black bitch on her back, she moans, as I penetrate deeper, my imagination stirred. It’s the grunt this time, and maybe the teeth that make me think of pearls.

“Fuck me,” she says.

That I do…

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Lady Gaga’s Thighs

So Ugly…
so cute

You and me kid, we were two
then you went and got me so blue
riding nowhere, I saw someone familiar
and yet so old…

so ugly, kid, you and me
but I your ugly duckling
and you so old, us two
it was you…

we’re on our way, yes we are
goping home too, to mailbu
that’s where i swear, us to
and honey…

it’s you<….

Will you please marry me, honey?

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WElcome back to the Real…

Welcome back to the real…

We used to be bad, but not oh so good
You and me kid and one for the road…

To all the bitches in the world…


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Amy Adams…

Some wrinkles are hard to find
and yet some caught in time
but if there is one that is mine
I swear, it will be hers!

To two of them…

Mrs. Roger Rabbit,

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Carla and the Little Boy

Her name was Carla Lotozinski, but they’ll edit this to make sure a woman doesn’t get hurt. Because only little boys do.

Her last name was [bleep], and if I told you she gave me the sexual education of a lifetime, I swear my dad my shoot her. My brother too. He fucked her when he was 15, and swears he didn’t enjoy it. As they plan their divorce.

It takes a little boy to cry, and some to realize even WordPress will sell out to avoid physical pain, because don’tyou know it, torture exists in America, as does slaverly. Just ask the 13th amendment to remind of that.

But I insist it’s a secret court that’s punishing little boys for having fun, they’ll insist little girls get punished. To which I ask, why so blue? Only democrats lie.

But there I go again, getting all political as I get off course. My WordPress got hacked today, by a very immature democrat who can’t believe I wouldn’t listen to her ghost writer. As she swears she’s sorry. But better not go thru torture little girl. I’m sorry they make you blink.

Some people just cannot handle the god-honest truth, that their religion is for biggots and zealots. Mrs. Weddington, is that you.

But anyway, I digress, let’s get back to my story. Carla was 42, and I was 14, and oh dear, it involved a cottage in Michigan. As actors insist they were denied a lot of priviledge that middle Class Americans could afford, because our little democrat insisted they conform and lower the standard so that all had a chance. Because you know, how dare they feel jealous while not realizing their own skits. But I digress, they’re oh so blue=liars.

Now, I’ll keep my story short and to the point. They wanted a voice, so a voice they’ll get. But it will be honest, and red, and passionate. Carla wanted to fuck all of us, my little brother Patrick too, who was only 12. But if I say this story is too honest, you might want to look away. Because for once in their lives, my family will have to recognize their own torture, which is a government punishing them for being too honest.

Carla fucked James, but only licked whip cream off my penis. But I licked whipped cream of her tits and ass first. That’s when I first discover T and A for the first time. She had to explain to me the abbreviation like a 5-year-old.

Now I must remind you, some Americans are too immature for this story. As are some little Asian Girls named Gabby and a few others, so if this get’s censored, I insist you must blame the US


Government, and Not WordPress.


See, the government can’t believe little boys are not afraid to speak up about how they enjoyed their sexual encounter. For me, Carla was my awakening. And trust me, I did enjoy getting her off.

But I swear, it began with a game of spin the bottle and strip poker. But that’s for another day. This one will be brief: it took her 40-minutes to get off (TM).

She told me, as my brother sat on his knees next to me, to place the vibrator on her clitoris, which I must insist, wasn’t that hard to find. I just placed it over her hood, as she rubbed it to indicate where it should be placed.

The vibrator itself was white, and while I used it on her, I groped her thigh with my small hands, making sure she enjoyed. Even older woman can’t believe a little boy at such a young age knew how to turn on a 42-year-old, but then again, some do get their hands cut off.

As for me, I recognize my own male privilidge in America. Which is that I get to enjoy sex, while some get to quack and insist ducks only use rape to have sex. Now that is a lie.

But then again, their bills do grow big.

Now let me tell you, this story does get better. But to insist that I penetrated Carla with a vibrator will miss the point. It does take a clit to get them off, as Carla insisted to me. She just moaned and shook, and then said it was over.

But I swear, they still insist it’s a cervical orgasm that is possible, as girls lie to themselves and say they enjoy those big dicks, even tho their pussies get real sore afterward. And they have to ask a doctor what’s wrong. Some pussies are just too small that’s all.

But let me give you some real word advice. If they’re going to censor you, or torture a woman for sleeping with a 15-year-old man named James Medlen, Jr., you must remember. It’s the Federal US government doing this, and not a strong National Goverment. Because even Alexendar Hamilton couldn’t figure out they were playing a game on him. But if I insist it’s 1984, just remember, it’s the upper class playing games on you because you’re all invited. It just takes a little bit of honesty and reminder, that I, too, am a torture victim.

But I’ll insist, after it was over, I only got on my knees and prayed for forgiveness. God never responded that day, but I swear, it helped me see past my own Catholicism.

Some cry rape, and some are raped, but as for me, I’ll admit, I enjoyed it. As she did too. But for my brother James, it’s still the Sound and Fury. Because he can’t get past a mom who would show her tits to a child, even tho I insist he was a man.

But that’s my brother’s story, and this one is mine. And if I’m going to get edited, I want it to be with one who knows my style, which is their voic(s), and maybe a little trickery.

I’m Michael Medlen, and I approved this message.

Medlen 2020

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Int. — Day — A Bedroom

Leo strips the dress off silently, as Chanel leans in for the kiss. He brushes her hair behind her head, exposing a silent tattoo that only our audience can appreciate.

The echos, their pain…

Just an electric shock that’s all…

Let the trailer begin:

Just a collage, that’s the secret {tip

Fade In:


Another kiss, she bites his bottom lip, as he tries to bite back. Like a venom, she leans back, an evil smile, as we fade to another scene of Lisa on a phone, smiling (of course…), back to a kiss, as the camera tilts, holding them on the ceiling, damn bad format.

Er, excuse me, miss…

The End…

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Amy Bends Over…

Amy has the bend overs, she thinks to herself, as he lifts up her blue skirt, getting her ready for the first pump.

She grips the wooden headboard, as he readies himself to insert. “Oh my, I hope this doesn’t hurt,” she thinks silently, as her face lets out a moan as he inserts his very small and pretty penis head. It’s so good, she says.

The moan continues, as her now pale butt cheeks are exposed, his mind still imagining. Her cheeks are red as an apple, and as a woman named Taylor takes a bite, he inserts again, remembering the time a woman named Sam told him about how much he enjoyed it when a man’s penis head went past the labia, just to feel that pop as he pulled it out.

Now Sam is slapping his erect cock against her very fresh tongue, as she takes the second pump, just to remember, this is just a little boy, and one very tired girl’s head.

To Be Continued…

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