Our Board

Medlen: President and
Stefani Germanotta: CEO–grumpy face (leave me alone!)
Taylor Swift: VP
Selena Gomez: Secretary
Miley Cyrus: Treasurer

Now Mr. Oz (Spielberg)–sincerely a nice guy. just wants to have a good time. loves to spitball with all of you if He represents us (in future…).

Al Pacino: Ambassador to Hollywood

Dustin Hoffman: Just here to record it

Selena Gomez: Immigration ambasador with your friends Selena, Salma, Danny Trejo, and Robert Rodriguez

Quentin Tarantino: Just help write some cool shit.

Megyn Kelly: Investigative journalist that exposes what’s going on

Great for law too!

HRC: Great lawyer for advice.

Gloria Steinem: Loves to talk to me. Give her her own voice.

Will do…

Chanel: My boss.

Cleveland Baptist: My church and pastor.

Unity has a good one too, just needs time.

Sophia Coppola: Please represent kids who need some perspective

Tove Lo: Michael’s secretary.

Taylor Swift: Vice President

Miley: Talk to people Michael doesn’t like


Image result for guy pearce

Seth: That’s totally me. Not out of the closet tho. Still enjoying the shade…

Really tho, can I be treasurer: Sure!

Awesome. As Treasurer, Mr. Seth McFarlane will now make this private company go public and give up all shares to the public of the world with a guarantee that Michael and Michael alone has full ownership and editing rights. We will now change some roles.

Mila: Please don’t pray for that again… (He asked to have every women in his head at once)



Prayer over…