When not busy working on a professional writing career, I also dabble in filmmaking and editing. Below are my current works as well as upcoming projects. 

Medlen Films, Vol. 1


This was the intro to the Medlen Films, Vol. 1 DVD that was shared with a select group of friends and family members. The song was created using a cheap software from Best Buy and actual footage filmed ongoing between 2004-2006.

The Unfinished Film

Written to be a knock-off of a Quentin Tarantino film and Jay and Silent Bob, this short little vignette of clips stars Julie Busdicker, the late Juan Garcia, Jr, and Joseph Bachmayer. Also making a short little cameo is Robert Holdren.

A True Story

A very embarrassing attempt at making a movie with some friends and I guess inspired by “The Blair Witch Project.” Starring Ron Spann, Jr. and Robert Holdren as the “monster.” I make an early appearance as well…

Good vs. Evil

An attempt at some very teenage humor. Starring Robert Holdren and myself.

White Man Shoe

Again, some very teenage humor, but what I feel was a fun attempt at mocking at infomercials. Starring Robert Holdren and myself.

They’re Coming!

The “feature film” of Medlen Films, Vol. 1, this 20+ minute “zombie” film was originally intended to be a part of some short homemade horror films for an author on Amazon, whose name I can’t quite remember. Starring high school friends, and co-directed with Chad Kennedy.

The Deleted Scene

A humorous short little-deleted scene from They’re Coming!

White Man Wheelchair

The next installment in the White Man Shoe series…

Making an early appearance is my brother, James Medlen, Jr.

Monster Movie

A spinoff to “They’re Coming!”, starring the real Ronnie Spann.

Don’t Move

An original starring the same gang of friends and featuring the film debut of my little bro Patrick Medlen.

White Man Shoe 2

The last installment of the White Man Shoe series. Apologies if this may offend, this was filmed in 2007 with what were then 18-year-old East Siders trying to make someone laugh.

In My Life

This is a video collage of early attempts at my filmmaking career. Apologies to Capitol Records for using a copyrighted song, but God bless and may you understand my artistic license in using it.


Remixed Trailers

Song to Song


Early Efforts


Created circa 2006, this short little music video stars Robert Holdren and Evan Harrington and features some very nifty editing for what was then just a project involving high school friends.


Homage to Mallick

Assembled from a collage of clips filmed between 2013-2017, this short little video features a very well-known song and is what I like to consider my own attempt at impersonating what I feel is one of the most important filmmakers of the 21st century.


A Big Dream and Nightmare

Copyright March 30th, 2018…

Assembled from stock footage on Facebook (YEAH RIGHT!!!) and another use of copyrighted Music. Starring some very cute and scary babies and set to a tune by my favorite film director outside of Scorsese…