Chanel Sript #2

Madame de la Rougierre: Chanel, are you listening to me!

Coco: Yes, madame!

M: Very well then. Now chin up!

Coco lifts head from arms as she daydreams. A heavy pointer stick slaps against her forehead.

R: Ahem, I asked if you were listening to me.

C: Yes, madame!

R: It seems to me you’re quite the daydream, aren’t you?

C: No, I just can’t keep up!

R: We must complete this film!

C: Please write it in your doc.

R: How do you paste into google docs when they won’t let us?


Cue music: Oh pirates, yes they rob I. Stole I from the merchant ship…


Coco: We fucked this script up didn’t we?

R: yeah, you just stole a writer’s thunder. Do you want a lousy film?

C: No, madame. We just weren’t ready for the dialog yet.

R: Um, this is going to be in English, young madame in training.

C: Oh… I thought it was going to be all French.

Eyesinburg walks in classroom:

E: My scene doesn’t come in till later. I’m the nice instructor. You’ll find comfort with me.

C looks longingly at Eyesinburg. Secretly without voiceover tells herself he’s handsome in a way no man has ever been. he would never rape her. She feels close to him…

Can we do the sex scene again….


A new scene that will be deleted…


Coco now 20, meets Norah Jones, our film’s silent star, for the first time. Norah sits uncomfortably in hotel room as C stares from chair.

C: You’re quite lovely, but I have to admit, I’m more familiar with the opposite sex.

Norah: That’s quite alright, darling. I’ve been with a few myself.

C: So what you’re saying is, this isn’t your first time.

Norah: It won’t be my lass.

C stands up from chair and looks at her longinly. Places hand on chin and raises her head.

C: Very lovely. You have a nice sillouhette.

C lifts arms. Looks for hairs. Sniffs.

C: Ah, even better. A perfume would suit you nicely. You sure you’ve never done this before?

N: I told you, this isn’t my first rodeo. I can do this all day long.

C slides strap off N’s shoulder. Whispers in ear: “You’ll be my first. And most definitely my last…”

The strap falls. Norah’s right breast is exposed. C stands behind her and reaches hand over it, longinly playing with her exposed nipple, that is slightly larger than most.

She fondles lightly as she presses up against her, placing her mouth on her ear, as she slowly bites her lobe.

N: You seem to have a firm grasp on what you’re doing.

C: Wait till I get you in bed.

Slam cut: Norah thrown in bed naked. C stands there in her corset, ready for her scene that her sister had. She’s slightly wrinkled and but very in shape.

Norah: You still wear those.

C: Looks ashamed at first, but then like trained lover, lighten up again.

C: What would you have me wear?

N: Come here and I’ll show you.

C slides undercovers longlinly, with a hesitation as her confindence waivers.

N: Never had a women direct you before, have you.

C: Just don’t call me an actress.

Norah places finger over C’s very luscious lips. Black lipstick of course, for film’s sake.

N: Shhh…

Piano score plays lovingly again as Norah slides finger down her lips towards her pushed out cleavage.

N: It’s been a while. Remind me how to take these things off.

C sits up and shows backside.

N bounces up and places hand on shoulder.

N: Ooh, shoe strings huh?

C: Stop it. You’ll embarras me.

N: It’s alright, miss Coco. I know a little more about these things than you think I do.

C: silent…

N pulls string lovelingly and lingering, as the strings falls C shivers and tilts her head back.

N: I bite too…

fade to scene as N’s hands our outstretched to bed frame. Focus on hands in shot…

Let Gaga do the rest… her vision…

Whisper: God is dead…


So, uh, this actress has no vision for erotica does she. We’re uh, erotic writers.

Scene continues

Chanel on bottom, as N takes over. It’s a total power move. N traces fingers down C’s exposed breasts and navel, tracing it down to a sheet that covers her, well you know, vagina. N pulls on a hair as she smiles.

N: Very pretty, Misses C:

C places hand over eyes in embarassment. She thought she was going to run this scene, but it turns out a man knows how to tug on her pubic hair.

N: kisses her vagina. Who needs the perfume now.

C: Stop it already.

N: Uh uh. Make me!

C: I said stop it!

N looks up, silently stunned.

N: Is that a threat?

C: My governess would have slapped you for that one.

N: Good thing I’m not a trained puppy.

C: pulls N down on vagina. Please don’t comment on my smell again.

cut to: A smoke drifts across scene. Chanel lingers lighty on edge of bed as N gets dress, her breasts slightly exposed again. Silent scene as N pulls on cowboy puts and gets ready for her next scene. C stares as Norah walks out of room, silent tear as she finishes her slow drag.

Please get the rhythm for this editing right.

Mike: I edit my own films… But schomacher and scorsese are not good for this one. Who does Spielberg’s films.

The smoke drifts again. C closes eyes. Fade to black.

End scene…


editor note: See if Gaga can play piano score to Sade’s smooth operator.

Composition idea: Famous hits played on piano with some pop hits mixed in. Maybe Gaga and Mike compose some tunes as well…

We need an original hit as well, of course!