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Reminder: Brave and Reckless Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge

Originally posted on Brave and Reckless:
Mark you calendars– the deadline Brave and Reckless’ third writing challenge is coming up on July 9th. Writing Prompt: “I Am More Than Breath and Bones” borrowed shamelessly from TrE at a cornered gurl— check out her writing– it’s amazing Using the writing prompt above, write a 100 to 800 word original, previously unpublished piece that integrates the writing prompt.  It can be poetry, prose, short fiction or even essay.  The prompt can be used as the title, you can use the phrase intact, or break it up however you want within the written piece. Pick out an image to go with your submission Write a brief biography Send the following to by midnight EST on Sunday, July 9, 2017: Your original piece suggested image brief biography link to where you post your writing (blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc.) Submissions will be judged by me and at least one guest judge.  If you are interested in being a guest judge for this challenge, let me know! I will publish all submissions on Brave…

I am open to Book Review Requests

Hi People, I’ll keep this short. I have been blogging now for four years and I have written numerous book reviews, interviewed some of the best selling authors (like The Martian’s Andy Weir). I publicly announce that I am open to give my honest feedback over your book/manuscript in the form a review. Why? The reason is simple and distinctive: I want to explore more genres and help writers at the same time. There are many books out there that are underrated in terms of audience and appreciation. We, the readers, all love a jolly good book but sometimes a good amount of books fail to reach us. I want to help such books and their masters. Before you ask, I am a big fan of interesting plots/storylines and characters instead of genres. Terms? Of course, there is only one thing for you to consider. Before sending me a request: YOU MUST read the review policy! Note: I am also offering promotional and advertisement offers for writers to promote their books and spread the words among the readers…

A Shout Out To My Favorite Film Website

After the debacle that was the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, it was reassuring to see Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) get back on the saddle with Gifted, starring Chris Evans (Snowpiercer) and an adorable Grace McKenna (Designated Survivor). Unfortunately, his next film The Only Living Boy in New York, about a young college graduate (Callum… via It is Time to Issue an Expiration Date on the Intellectual Man-Child — Pajiba

Mary Has a Guest For Dinner

Welcome to the ongoing adventure of Mary! We’re so excited for you to turn into our favorite daytime soap opera! Now that you’re here, treat yourself to a recap of last night’s episode! As you may have heard by now, Jesus is coming to dinner. But little does Mary know that he isn’t the person she was expecting. Nor does she realize that her late husband Tom is in fact alive at this moment, waiting to see her again… For a full recap, read last night’s episode here: The Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3   As Mary looked around the room trying to find something to occupy her mind, she heard a loud knock from the living room door. Remembering what her late husband Tom had just told her, she felt another tingling sensation. Go to the door, Mary, Tom said. Her loins cooled down a bit now, but her heart was now beating very rapidly, as if it was the creature from the film Alien ready to burst out of her chest. “Who can it …

The Ongoing Adventures of Mary #3

For yesterday’s installment, follow the hyperlink here: The Ongoing Adventure of Mary Mary, can you hear me? Oh Tom, is that you? Yes, it is me, your dead husband, come to tell you the good news! Jesus is here! Can you believe it? I don’t understand… Jesus is here! Get out of this bed and rinse some dishes. We have a meal to prepare. But I can’t cook anymore. You know how bad my hands are. Trust me. All will be revealed… Tune in next time folks, as we learn more about Mary’s guest for dinner, on your favorite ongoing adventures of Mary!   JC