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An Ode to a Poet Who Dwells in my Soul

I'm feeling like Bukowksi When Emily is inside me… Stealing my thunder, And posting this for herself!   She says to the Wonder… Is my favorite film… And so I should aplunder What else can I spell?   Mrs. Emily, do you like what you see? She says I'm still waiting, my hero, ever patiently–   and so we rode off into the sunset, white horse and all as she took my off dress shirt and revealed her bra…   A corset it was not but rather a see through and so that was my imagination seeing what it could do…   And yes, I found it helpful to speak to you… Advertisements

Propehcy 101

Mike has a baby carrot for a penis But Sia likes baby carrots I heard Taylor does too Stefani never tried it MIke laughed Mikes trained his asshole to do that since 4 You were raised to be dolles so mike will drop you now your’e a woman pedro almodovar and selena gomez should make a film together maybe selena should star i it what about sealma tho she could direct it i think selaea is a good arts butthole hair is gods safety net would make a good poem good fable parable? coall it a fable i still think it would make a good poem porque no los dos?     selea tell selma to shave herself tirm yes trim your hair and he will come back      

Mary Gets a Job

Welcome back to another exciting adventures of Mary. For last week’s episode, click here:┬áMary Has a Guest For Dinner On this weeks episode, we’ll learn just why God is upset with Mary, and why Jesus never showed up for dinner. But first, an exciting advertisement from our sponsors! My Autobiography   And now, from our sponsors, we invite you to please purchase this book and leave a comment for Tina on her blog, which can be found after purchasing her exciting new book! But first, back to our purpose! Ananda: Tina, how did you find us? Tina: Well, you came to me! Ananda: Then how can they find us? Ananda: Pray first and he shall reveal himself. Tina: Thank you Tina! Alright folks, you heard it first! Let’s return to our narrative! On last week’s episode, Mary was told by her late Husband Tom that her husband was really alive and that Jesus was coming to visit her for diner. But just when Tina came by, Mary opened the door and awoke to find that …

Daily Inspiration (June 12, 2017)

Take time to develop our relationship. Tho you see me in the present, we have always known each other the infinite. I have been with you but you must come to me to understand the pain and suffering that you feel. Lose yourself in the world today and find me in the mess that you have made. There I am waiting.   Meditate today with the mantra: “I am one again.”   More is coming. Now is the time to be patient.   signed,   Jesus Christ