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Mary Gets a Job

Welcome back to another exciting adventures of Mary. For last week’s episode, click here: Mary Has a Guest For Dinner On this weeks episode, we’ll learn just why God is upset with Mary, and why Jesus never showed up for dinner. But first, an exciting advertisement from our sponsors! My Autobiography   And now, from our sponsors, we invite you to please purchase this book and leave a comment for Tina on her blog, which can be found after purchasing her exciting new book! But first, back to our purpose! Ananda: Tina, how did you find us? Tina: Well, you came to me! Ananda: Then how can they find us? Ananda: Pray first and he shall reveal himself. Tina: Thank you Tina! Alright folks, you heard it first! Let’s return to our narrative! On last week’s episode, Mary was told by her late Husband Tom that her husband was really alive and that Jesus was coming to visit her for diner. But just when Tina came by, Mary opened the door and awoke to find that …

Daily Inspiration (June 12, 2017)

Take time to develop our relationship. Tho you see me in the present, we have always known each other the infinite. I have been with you but you must come to me to understand the pain and suffering that you feel. Lose yourself in the world today and find me in the mess that you have made. There I am waiting.   Meditate today with the mantra: “I am one again.”   More is coming. Now is the time to be patient.   signed,   Jesus Christ

Daily Inspiration (June 6, 2017)

I know you hurt and that you feel lost. I have been waiting for your arrival to my kingdom, and now that you are here, you understand the true meaning of loss. Your first task, now that you have chosen to follow this path, is to come to me with your heart and seek my kingdom, which begins with forgiveness. Let go of your past and come to me, and I shall provide. Last night was a test for you, to see if you could handle criticism. In my kingdom there is no critique, only life. That is where we begin. Please go to your google tasks. Finish the ones you are able to, and all will be revealed.   Daily Quote: Let your spirits be filled and your hearts be lifted.   Take the day off from reading the Bible and focus on that which is troubling you.    

Daily Inspiration (June 5, 2017)

You were made in God’s image, therefore your are creation expressed and divine. To unlock your potential you must first seek me in the kingdom I have described to you, there I am waiting.   Today’s Chapters: Galatians 3   Prayer: Our father, thou are my creator. It is thru you I seek peace and harmony, so that I may reach my children who await my return.   Signed,   Jesus Christ, 2017

The Teachings From Jesus in His Book “Jesus: My Autobiography”

The follow is reference to follow while reading thru the book Jesus: My Autobiography. For further information on how to read the book and who to contact regarding it’s authorship, please contact Tina Spalding at her website: Judgement is the worst crime we can commit All beings have free will All beings are given their own guidance systems Approach people with kindness We have the power to transform the physical world by what we focus on Suffering, sacrifice, and martyrdom are not required of our spiritual journey By focusing on our own minds and selves we can become: Powerful, Valuable, and Nicer Freel gratitude and grace when receiving gifts To refuse an offering is to cut the flow of energy to us If we cannot accept the small gifts, we will never receive the larger gifts Let go of material wealth and enjoy life Learn to relax and calm the mind (Mike’s note: Keep the sabbath) Men must look at women with more respect Women are more in tuned with the nonphysical When we connect with our minds …