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A Helpful Book to Becoming a Better Disciple of Christ

Review of The Rhythm of Renewal Sleek and elegant, this simple book is jam packed full of simple techniques to help you become a better disciple of Christ, and just perhaps, a true Christian. I have provided the link below for you to peruse, and would encourage you to check out this easy book on practicing the faith set forth by Christ in the Gospels. Compliments to Curtice Carnes for directing me to this book and God bless. The Rhythm of Renewal Advertisements

A Lesson I Learned While Living with a Hoarder

An easy way to measure our progress down this narrow path we call life is thru reflection, which simply means looking back at a period of time in our life and examining experiences as well as searching for meaning. While we often tend to look at our own experiences with rose tinted glasses, focusing on the highlights, or rather fun times, we often neglect the true lesson that often seems so elusive. I know in my lifetime I’ve often looked back in hindsight and discovered an epiphany, or better yet, a teachable moment, when truly thinking about the trials and tribulations that I’ve been thru. Often what I thought in the moment was unpleasant or even torture has thru reflection has revealed itself to be a lesson in disguise. I reflect on the past year living with my mother in Toledo, Ohio. I was an adult child at 30 years old, and staying with a woman who I had selfishly began to think of as a hoarder. For those who don’t know, a hoarder is …

Teachings in The Second Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Timothy

Teachings in The Second Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Timothy   People who follow Christ are not concerned with earthly matters but rather pleasing our Lord A man can only become a master if he follows laws A hardworking person shall be the first to enjoy the fruit of his labors If follow Christ, we shall be with and like him In order to increase Godly lives, we must shun profane and and vain speech Jesus knows who his followers are and will reveal himself to them If a person purges theirself of earthly treasures, they shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and used by the master Flee youthful lusts Follow righteous behaviors, faith, charity, and peace Avoid foolish and obvious questions Be gentle unto all men In last days, perilous times shall come In last days, men shall be the following lovers of themselves covetous boastful proud blasphemous disobedient to parents unthankful without natural affection treacherous false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of good people traitors heedy high minded lovers of pleasure over …

The Teachings From Jesus in His Book “Jesus: My Autobiography”

The follow is reference to follow while reading thru the book Jesus: My Autobiography. For further information on how to read the book and who to contact regarding it’s authorship, please contact Tina Spalding at her website: Judgement is the worst crime we can commit All beings have free will All beings are given their own guidance systems Approach people with kindness We have the power to transform the physical world by what we focus on Suffering, sacrifice, and martyrdom are not required of our spiritual journey By focusing on our own minds and selves we can become: Powerful, Valuable, and Nicer Freel gratitude and grace when receiving gifts To refuse an offering is to cut the flow of energy to us If we cannot accept the small gifts, we will never receive the larger gifts Let go of material wealth and enjoy life Learn to relax and calm the mind (Mike’s note: Keep the sabbath) Men must look at women with more respect Women are more in tuned with the nonphysical When we connect with our minds …

Visions from God

Walking along the edge of the road of a busy side street A vision was given to me This is what I saw: A sky without telephone poles Nor concrete to obstruct the view A person showed me a place of green and brown With purple neon lines traced up from the earth to the sky Elevators to the heavens Highway to the stars … I envisioned a narrative one bright day on the banks of the Lake Erie shore A world where prisoners were welcome and faith was restored As I lay on the sand I dreamt this vision And this is what I saw: A man wakes up a sinner Committed of a crime he committed All day he looks for shelter As well as food and clothing And afraid to call home He looks for lumber to start a fire Finds a match and some timber And sleeps next to burning wood The next morning he wake startled A woman walks by and smiles And offers him a suit made of wool …

a prayer for poetry

The sun still rises The earth still moves And all of God’s blessing Is still here   And Though the wind may howl The bee may still sting And all of heaven’s glory Is there beneath your wing   So rise like the fighter Sing like the diva Shout I’m still here And these chains will hold no more.   Let grace be your savior Calm be your muse Rustle the weight of obligation And go softly into the night   Hold no man to sin No guilt to punishment Weep for your fallacy And rejoice for your fuck up   And Though humanity may judge you He awaits with open arms Still chiseling at perfection Still smudging out the ink drop

The 5 Commandents as Given from (Possibly (for now)) a Christian God

He could be a Jewish God Don’t lie Don’t steal Don’t Envy Don’t MURDER DON’T take this stuff too seriously Mike’s advice Listen to Jesus 2nd commandment, better known as the Golden Rule. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Treat him with him/her/them/zem with respect and you shall never have to worry about another rule or law again. And always disobey authority you disagree with, but learn to understand their pov as well. And always remember, judge not let ye be judged. Someone is paying attention. Maybe even you own conscious, sub or not. And as always, stop bitching so much. Kiss Kiss, hug hug, coo coo, xooo. As recorded on 1/4/17, updated from original 5 commandements written on back of coloring paper sheet in psych ward at St. Charles Hospital in mid-to-late Demember of 2016. Original copy not for sale. Best, and give glory to God! if you want/need to,   Michael Medlen