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To The Lady In My Head (12)

Youth is over staring thru a computer screen baring my soul we met when we were 22 you slept through words as I paced McCauley unit thinking of a clock’s battery cell and the eternity that was my march that was 2010 and in that time i’ve come to know that the only truth which is that fame came to you swift and easy as I watched the leaves drift from your tree… you sang of disco sticks and giving million reasons while I drifted in and out of consciousness strapped to tables and drilled with shots told take a pill that would calm me… damn did that one hurt!– you sold a million records had a hit or two as I fucked men thinking I was a housewife …jerry’s dick was small and his balls disgusting.. coming to realize fame would never be my fortune nor fickle me… I was lost in a Cleveland a back road that led to a the City Mission where I found god and yet realized fame was what …

suicide (i)

Death calls me again drifting in this room like the serpent he says he is calling me to leave the body and drift with the spirit or so he implores…   death knocks swiftly and quick without much of a kick takes the heart and rips the brain shatter the intestines… outta breath and numb screaming silently into a pillow she calls and she coos but it’s death that truly woos…

World’s Worst Poet

So I didn’t change underwear for a week, Does that make me gross? I did shower twice in 5 days Fucked on myself camera a few times during the whole ordeal I kinda enjoyed it Smelled like sex and cheap perfume!   Now I think of you and decide to wash my clothes Let your face dictate the terms of this ordeal You make me want to clean up my act Or at least stop being so honest on this blog But I’ll save that for a better poem Right now I just want to see your face   And I did change my clothes!

To Tove Lo (ii)

They hid her voice Behind Alkamaine Traced by wings of a butterfly   Tove Lo she said Stay high all the time Just to keep you on my mind   Breasts like an angels Tits pierced with dimes A face buried behind the pain…   She kept herself locked in And played to just pretend If only she was my friend! 🙂