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a mess in the made

she wandered thru a hyperlink hoping to find the wiki page that told her how to grow an apple and there found a picture of a serpent crawling thru mud toward a sunny horizon. she hovered over the picture hoping just to get a glimpse just to find her existence was caught up in one little click.

the siren call of the housewife

Calypso calls me with her scent wildly singing with the hint of vapor rising out of our chimney as she sweeps drifting me towards her awakening lying on the counter like a piece of meat chicken is what she offers on the menu with the crisp twinge of honey and lemon dew mixed with parmesan and oregano and a dish she calls her sweet pie then she snaps her fingers in anticipation her siren for me to hurry my way as i calmly oblige to make her feel subdued and devour before i finish my dessert making sure to wash my fingers clean with the tenderness that only my tongue can provide lustfully she watches from her perch on our table chair her appreciation expressed in mine with one loud burp to which she squeals in ecstasy proud that her homer has seen his journey home

Sitting in the day room at the City Mission

Sitting in the day room at the City Mission   black man sings gospel a mistake for what I call blues as Junior sets the deck up boasting in a tongue of bullshit   all the while drew rolls a cigaret and jeff leans with a lazy hand as lazarus pulls his pants up hanging on to his batmobile   next to me weezy dons a fur coat screaming his foul raps to the Gods a pimp shot in the head and lived yet seeks to forget his regret

Lady Gaga’s Belly

Lady Gaga’s Belly   just a smalltown paunch perhaps her hot pants were too tight and yet so cute i did like how she floated down from the roof kinda like a glam rocker i know his name is Marilyn and yet I wonder what she ate the night before and how such a tiny dancer got to this point and why they care so much when i just want to pinch her belly its just so cute  

Where does love go?

Where does love go When there is no resolution? Does it lift a bum up When his cigaret doesn’t light Or help him pay a parking fine? And does a cop shake a black man’s hand When his brother has been shot And a victim has seen God bring swift justice? And does it stretch its arms wide when a lonely women cries over a fist that has gone uncuffed? And does it take a hug or heart to change the world when unity isn’t enough?   –Somebody