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Adding a PayPal Button to WordPress — Why I Am

So as is pretty apparent by this point, here at this humble little blog I call Flawed Masterpieces, I have some lofty ambitions. While not crying over rejection letters from Poetry Zines and Sites, I plan on hiring staff members … Continue reading

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Well this is fucking bullshit. My favorite television show, that I never got to fucking see, got cancelled after just one season (not really, it just lost it’s host, but you get the drift). That’s right bitches, I’m talking about Celebrity … Continue reading

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Profound Disappointment

While checking ESPN the website this morning I stumbled this little gem of an article that raised just a little concern.   The article is basically a few quotes from former NBA All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire, who played for … Continue reading

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Sad News for the Spielberg Family

And so it passes with terrible tragedy that we here at Flawed Masterpieces have just discovered Steven Spielberg’s mother of 97 has just passed away. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg’s mother died in her home in Los Angeles. Details … Continue reading

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You heard it first folks

Yes folks, you heard it first!   Lady Gaga (our staff’s secret favorite writer for this blog) has signed on to star in a remake of the classic Hollywood film A Star is Born, or so Birth.Movies.Death. reported, mostly like based … Continue reading

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