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An Open Letter to NBC

A Open letter to NBC   Dear NBC,   I have a great idea that you could steal!   What if there was a show called “Undercover Volunteer” where famous celebrities went undercover to volunteer with local charities and help poor people and homeless people.   The hook would be that the celebrities learn life lessons that famous people are unable to obtain while people in bad positions in life are able to get help.   What would really sell the show tho would be getting the local charities some national exposure and hopefully more recognition and money for their efforts. That is what America needs at the moment.   I’d suggest hiring Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie as producers, but that’s just because those are two cool chicks who care. Taylor Swift could also add appeal to it as well. Naturally, Mark Cuban is tied down to another network but we could use a billionaire’s involvement as well.   Certainly couldn’t hurt the ratings!   Best,   Michael Medlen   Business Owner of “The …

An Open Letter to YouTube

An Open Letter to YouTube   Dear YouTube,   I am the proud owner of my newly minted corporation The 3 Hour Nap and am writing to you to inform you of a great business idea I have for your company.   I think you guys should invest in your own education channel devoted to lectures and courses for free and taught by fellow YouTubers. A great model to look for guidance on this issue would be an awesome Roku channel called Great Courses Plus.   The beauty of such a channel would be you could offer it to YouTube Red subscribers and help pay the lecturers you are using from the proceeds. Perhaps you could even offer a supplemental service to YouTube Red, such as an add on cost of $5. That’s my suggestion, and I am not in the know, but I think 5 bucks would be a fair add on.   Best, Michael Medlen Business Owner of The 3 Hour Nap

An Open Letter to Twitter

Dear Twitter,   Please create a tab system that divides your tweets into categories. The categories I propose mimic the sections of a newspaper, which you’re starting to become: arts, entertainment, sports, news, politics, personal.   Even better, and maybe a little more complicated, but just a suggestion, let people create their own categories. I know you guys missed out on selling to Disney, but you guys are smart, and I know you can create algorithms to do this shit. If Facebook can do it, I damn well know you guys can do it too. Just saying.   And yes, you are basically a newspaper. Or a magazine. Whatever. It’s just getting a little too congested at the moment. And it might make your company more profitable. But take it from a little guy, I’m just one speck of sand on a beach next to an ocean. Whatever that means.   Best,   Michael Medlen Owner of “The 3 Hour Nap”   (From one business to another)