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I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!

Faint love ♥ 

Please Read while listening to a Romantic Song 🔊  ***Writing this because i miss someone😭 I sat by the riverside,sad. I watched as it flowed peacefully southwards. Its source, we do never know. Just few weeks ago, Carter and I … Continue reading

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Different shades of yellow 💕💕

I had grown up hating my skin. My teacher said it was lack of Melanin which colorizes the skin. I had prayed while growing up that I could get some Melanin and probably get my skin colorized. I do take … Continue reading

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my own BOSS

Trying out for the umpteenth time a casual outfit for my day out today was stressful. You do think I was going to a Dinner date or something. I just wanted to look beautiful for myself. Not for one stupid … Continue reading

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Shadows 😢 

They had loved themselves Way back. He had knelt down that  Early morning and made her finger House his silver ring. The early rising sun Had danced to the melody of their kiss.. Now they are shadows He hits her … Continue reading

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Double life! 

It was a dark rainy night. Torre couldn’t make it home because it rained heavily. She took Lanre’s hands, kissed his fingers. “Sometimes, I just wanna be sure you do always be mine. Like I’m so crazy about you”… She … Continue reading

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