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I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!

2 By Ensinulo…

BROKEN SOULS We are indigenes of the street Our hopes blown in the wind Our pains mix with hunger Our faces like shattered mirror We are orphans in your neighborhood We are humans like you Our fate brought us here … Continue reading

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Yours to discover 🤔

I walked home stealthily. It was late,I went to visit one of my girlfriends that stayed just a stone throw from our house. I felt someone was advancing towards me or was walking just right behind me. I increased my … Continue reading

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When Women are Kings 

EPISODE 4 Francsis had woken up as early as 4am while his lady kept snoring on their bed with her leg widely open. He had gone out of his room and went to his children room and woke them up … Continue reading

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​When Women are KINGS 3

EPISODE 3 Ebuka sat on the soft sofa. His legs rested on the table, his eyes were glued to the television that had people dancing in it.Then he remembered something, went into his room, brought out a sheet of paper … Continue reading

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When Women are KINGS 2 👑 

EPISODE 2 While they kept discussing about their families and the economy of the country and how expensive things are in the market and how their ladies been giving them very little and be expecting very much. They had complained … Continue reading

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When women are Kings 1 👑 

Episode 1 They had gathered all together. They were five friends who had nothing doing but gisting about their predicaments. The living room was went furnished.The room wasn’t still swept as an idle broom was left on the floor in … Continue reading

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When women are KINGS 👑 

PREFACE This story I’m about to write about is very real and happened while I grew up. Never doubt the authenticity. God had gone on a very long journey that he won’t be returning in a month’s time. He left … Continue reading

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