A Dialog with Sofia…

Hello, Mrs. Copolla, Glad to have you on this talk show!

Cop: Thanks, Sally J. Rafael. It’s a pleasure to be here!

Sally: So, before we begin, can we agress to one thing. This will be a discussion, not a debate. We know you two know how to keep things civil, but for some of the youngsters, they might need a preface to keep their sanity from blowing up…

Cop: That’s fine…

Med: I’m all good here.

Sally; All good here, is that code for something.

John McCain in Medlen’s ear: Yes…

S; Can you explain what that stands for?

John McCain: If I may (steps on stage) I can explain alot of things here. One, there is no agreed upon Standard English. That was designed by Harvard Grads to keep their society segregated from the lower class.

*For sanity and clarity, we will respect and trust the knowledge of those who appear on this show. If you have any qualms and/or digressions, please email the editor-in-chief of this magazine.

S: Ah, a brief interlude from our sponsors. I think this deserves a break. If we may, let’s allow for a commercial…


A McCafe in the Phillipines–Coming to one major European Coppenhagen Near you!

Medlen; Damn I want one.

S: Me too.. Now if we may, let’s continue.

John McCain: Now sipping a McCafe.

[Suddenly Mike sips one too. Cut to audience, all with McCafe in their hands. Cut back to Sally who takes a sip.]

S: Damn, that’s good.

J: A classic…