Crybaby (Album, 2015)

For my next protege:


    • it’s been a long 3 years

    and still my ears

    • they hear you…



Cry Baby – Saddest girl she has to be, salty tears stream down her cheek, her heart’s bigger than her body, her name is cry baby.

Dollhouse – And in her picture perfect home, mamma’s drunk while daddy moans, her brother always comes home stoned, she watches in her room alone.

Sippy Cup- She watches mamma sip a drink, out of a sippy cup that’s pink, because of that you’d never think, that she’d pass out under the sink.

Carousel – The carnival is where she fell, for the first time on the carousel, round and round through the same hell, she never gets under his shell.

Alphabet Boy- She cried until she then could see, that he wasn’t even worthy, of all her love and abc’s, so she spelt fuck you in 1 2 3.

Soap -She met a new boy and filled with hope, she said too much and always choked, so she washed her mouth out with soap, so that he wouldn’t pull the rope.

Training Wheels – They rode their bikes so very slow, she wanted more as they got close, unscrewed his training wheels to grow, into a two wheel bicycle.

Pity Party – Her birthday was around the bend, she invited him and all her friends, none of which did attend, her happiness came to an end.

Tag, You’re It – A lonely girl so vulnerable, to her house she walks alone, the bad wolf ice cream man had known, and took her to his awful home.

Milk and Cookies – She got locked up and made a plan, to kill the bad wolf ice cream man, he ordered her to make him snakes, her cookies and milk made him collapse.

Pacify Her – She escaped and was never the same, she swayed a boy who had been claimed, and pacified ol’ what’s her name, not out of love, just played a game.

Mrs. Potato Head – One day she turned on the tv, mrs. potato on the screen, showing off her surgeries, she thought that her pain meant beauty.

Mad Hatter – Cry baby sat and disagreed, imperfect, insane, and emotional was she, but she feels safe, going to sleep, and there’s no one else that, she’d rather be.

PS: I swore I listened to it, but some people get it better than I do…

–An ass burger



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