Kilroy was Here (Movie, 1983)

Kilroy was Here

Kilroy Was Here is a “film” that owes much to the tradition of schlock B-Films from 1950s sci-fi and of all things, Roger Corman, who would have probably had a hand in this production had he not been busy with the mob.

But I’ll leave that story for another generation.

Kilroy is brief and light on plot: At 9:28, it’s simply a small masterpiece of theatrical production with a nod to the Japanese culture obsessed with computer manuals and screwdivers. If you’re a geek engineer, you probably would have masturbated to this “hard-to-find” footage.

Thankfully, YouTube has provided the goods. But let’s just get to the point!

The plot goes like this: In a dystopian near future, America is a dark, fascist, fundamentalist dictatorship ruled by tyrannical villain, Dr. Righteous. As they were wont to do in the 80s, all rock music is banned as evil, and whomever listens to it is deemed a rebel and persecuted. Kinda like Star Wars, right?

Robert Orrin Charles Kilroy (whose acronym tongue-in-cheekily spells R.O.C.K.), once the biggest rock star in America, is in prison serving life for the murder of an anti-rock zealot during concert. His greatest fan, a young rebel named Jonathan Chance (whose acronym spells J.C. intentionally or not just like Jesus Christ), hacks into Dr. Righteous’ broadcasting signal and plays a sample of Kilroy’s music to show that rebellion is alive.

It’s a cool little film, but I must insist, this was meant to be a Teaser Trailer for a feature length film that sadly will never be seen. If it was even made. De Young, can you provide the goods?

Styx knows, but they won’t say.

But getting back to the story: This motivates Kilroy to rebel against his Japanese robot guards and contact Jonathan. At the Paradise Theater, Jonathan Chance from the Music Underground, and Robert Kilroy, who broke out of prison to see Chance, meet, and Kilroy relates the events of the final concert at the Paradise, the night he was framed for murder.

I’ll leave the ending for the audience to find, but for me, the film will never end, because it was supposed to fade into the concert, which sadly, has been hidden from all eternity…

Unless you can find the bootleg, of course….

Final Verdict: A Cool Teaser Trailer for something designed to be Much Bigger. Maybe one day this will be edited correctly, for you budding filmmakers out there.


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