Chasing Sage


Caught in the whirlwind and still the twirl
A badass she was, too monster to feel
And yet trapped, by the ring she was to me
And still she was always be, my next Emily…

I’ll study you for eternity…

And yet it’s my devoition that gets to me
The pain the time still the 4d
TO her it’s mistery, and yet to my mind
Just a simple measure of how we are missing
The one and only…

Lana’s Eve…



About Arthur Pendalyn

Arthur Pendalyn is a stay at home unemployed college graduate, with a BA in English literature (though he prefers the world "fiction"). In his past he moonlighted as a video store clerk, and even once won an argument with a customer who tried to persuade him that David Lynch's Dune was underrated masterpiece. To quote Arthur, "That movie is a piece of shit!"
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One Response to Chasing Sage

  1. Beautiful words so well articulated.


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