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Suicide Squad (Film, 2017)

Get it… [insert notes]

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Still Missing YOu

Oh computer, still not a pC How you need me… Save it for later –a code

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Even Allan Cries

while the strings gently sway, with the term dictated by the victim, his finger the sling it builds to a life, around you, oh batman sometimes we need girls… I’m getting older, too…

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Kilroy was Here (Movie, 1983)

Kilroy Was HereĀ is a “film” that owes much to the tradition of schlock B-Films from 1950s sci-fi and of all things, Roger Corman, who would have probably had a hand in this production had he not been busy with the … Continue reading

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For Maddie

You did not frighten me, little one Nor did you sense my sensibility, so young And still the arm with which you cling So strong, and yet enough to sting You struck my brain, now punch my heart –Shia

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A Chat with the Avengers and What They’re Careers Meant to Them…

Written Milos Y. with assistance from Medlen and Amanda B. We’re all stars now… Alright folks, so Medlen got the inside scoop to show why the Avengers had to assemble for one last roll call, but before we begin, we … Continue reading

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Chasing Sage

Caught in the whirlwind and still the twirl A badass she was, too monster to feel And yet trapped, by the ring she was to me And still she was always be, my next Emily… I’ll study you for eternity… … Continue reading

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