2 By Ensinulo…


We are indigenes of the street
Our hopes blown in the wind
Our pains mix with hunger
Our faces like shattered mirror

We are orphans in your neighborhood
We are humans like you
Our fate brought us here
Very close to your door
We are cold beggars
We need your shelter

We are on tattered clothes
Despise by many folks
Like unused vessels
We suffer a corrosion of lack
Can’t you see our scars

We stand beside roads
Can’t you see us call
We have no home to stay
Will you deny our presence
Our eyes are on you
We are native of abandonment…


One our bond chronicle
i sit in love triangle
trying to recall in mind
your bashful smile
the first time we kiss

i felt your breath
melt my little lips
the flames in your arms
tangled burnt around me
Never knew in love
i was made a prey
for no one else but you

you never told me
it is only a fantasy
that you didn’t love me
in haste you devour my life
with countless rosy lies
consumed me in sinful
sex in naked night
while your thoughts afar

you promised me laughter
with your blood you swear
now i have swollen eyes
unable to contain my tears
you left our prime of love
in wrinkle shape
my heart glisters
in fire
of pain and aloness

i beseech you again
come touch me in my cheek
of deep dimples
come to me and stay
with your warm approach
of sweet desires…


About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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