Natural Causes (Album, 2017)

Just another Skylar Grey album, that’s all. And yet so special. Seems like she’s gone off the deep end and embraced the full synthetic pop sound that has dominated the back-end of this decade, while seeming to stay under American audience’s radar. Almost as if she doesn’t want to be the Next Lady Gaga.

Not that she would mind. But some appreciate their privacy and right to live a life of semi-normalcy, just as is their right. Maybe even go to Echo Park without being harassed by the human bugs we call fans. Man they bug us…

But getting back to the album, which seems to be Skylar Grey’s proper album debut, let’s get real. She seems to finally have an album produced without trying to annoy the shit out of us, which was her last album.

Even better, Eminem isn’t doing that word shit with his voice that completely butchered her initial effort. I love Em, but it was schizo to hear him sing about poop and shit while Skylar was trying to wow us with her pop vocal prowess. Absolutely disgusting.

But even better, her Em seems to be just an echo in the background as Skylar allows the produecer(s)–I swear I’ll figure out the music industry one day!!!–to just let the beats simmer while her voice inflects a jazz style croon over some quality jams. But let’s get to the songs…

My favorites, in no particular order but a track listing, are all of them! But to stand out, I’ll put in there “Jump,” “Kill for You,” and of all things, “Come Up For Air.” Not that my opinion matters or anything, I’m just saying I want my talent developed too, dammit.

And while we’re at it, fuck Interscope for helping this broad get another chance to make a living and let me relax on a hot-ass day in LA. This place sucks when it’s hot, especially when them bugs are out.

I guess this means I’m going to be famous. Dammit. Not that I want to be. I’m come from Amy Adams school of acting, which is to say I don’t want it while trying not to turn on my audience and director. But honey, I am your writer. And “Rainbow in the Dark” is coming, even if you want. You silly goose. I love your ass, and your red cheeks when slapped. But damn if I’m not bored, and uh, have nothing else to really say about Skylar Grey’s really cool album. I wonder if she’s ever worked/and/or met Lady Gaga. That’d be cool.

Did I mention that I married Lady Gaga in my head 2 years ago while taking a shit in a psych-ward. The mob arranged it, and of all things, Mr. Marty Fucking Scorsese directed it himself. Almost like he was being an asshole and perhaps surreal.

BTW, I want David Lynch to be my mentor, and have Tim Burton not burn me with cigarett butts, and uh, live with My second wife Mrs. Taylor Swift, and my first, Lady Gaga. Not tennis ball me already, cause I need to be hit. But just make it a paddle and we’re even.

Fuck you Nicole Kidman, you ugly bitch. You were supposed to help me get a date with Lady Gaga. And yeah, Brad Paisely is better than Keith Urban. Some of us don’t need lines and melodies to write a song. Just a collaborator, that’s all.

Maybe even Em.



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