Coco (Film, 2017)

There is no other way to describe anxiety other than one simple phrase: it sucks. That could pretty sum up this film, if we’re being completely honest. But I’ll keep my point brief.

Pixar sold out on this one and finally became what Disney was to so many for so long: one garbage fill dump where formula derived a deadline and animators got paid to make a story out of nothing.

It sounds like a Tim Burton flick on paper, but let’s get real. There is no heart in this story, nor any actual narrative drive. It’s a simple mish-mash of a family drama about a budding guitarist in a little boy named Miguel and his love for his dead grandma Coco.

Miguel has to dive deep into the underworld of the dead to discover a former lover of Coco’s and find a way to express himself thru music. It sounds awesome, but for some reason, this one didn’t speak to me.

Maybe it’s the Bollywood effect, or more pertinently, it’s loss of drive. Whatever the case, Coco is a rare miss hit for what was a superb run of Pixar masterpieces, and probably a short-term death sentence for a company on the verge of explosion.

Is Disney to blame or rather lackluster expectations after so many hits?

The real question we all must ask though, is if Mexicans really enjoy the film? To be honest, this one isn’t close to home enough for me, and to be even more honest, I’m probably the wrong guy to be reviewing it. But this website is called Flawed Masterpieces, dammit, and this one is flawed.

I’m just not sure why, that’s all.

So if you complain, just remember one thing: Selena made me do it.

Love you all, but this one sucks. There, I said it.

God bless,




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