The Rising (Album, 2002)

10 years too late and still not feeling it, The Rising was the de facto album of the decade. Calling it a masterpiece is quite the understatment, but alas, this one is flawless. Just don’t hold it up to technicalities.

The boss has always been one to produce his own albums, but this one earns a notch in his belt for being the album that America needed following the tragedy that was 9/11.

After seeing the towers fall, word is that Bruce Springsteen heard a man pump his fist out of a car window as he said “I need you.” This is what comes out of it.

As if the premonition was real, Bruce actually had the album in the books way before 9/11 ever occurred. Almost as if we had warnings before it happened. Weird.

But I digress. Ask President Trump for the conspiracy. We were warned…

As an album, the flow of the tracks is impeccable. Springsteen has crafted an album that depicts a day in the life of a New Yorker, beginning with the lonesome walk of a man feeling the weight of a lonesome day. As the tracks progress, the man feels the weight of the world fall out from him as he walks into the fire, only to see an empty sky as his own world falls apart. But that’s just the first half.

Perhaps suited for a double sided album, or rather, a double album if we’re going to make a meta commentary on the nature of Compact Discs, Springsteen’s 3rd masterpiece features a calming denouement that celebrates the rising of the American spirit.

As if knowing the true of effects of disasters, the album implores us to just be friends. But not to be forgotten, the album also ends with its sordid reflection of a paradise now a city in ruins.

As if America was anything but. As for New York, maybe Usama knew us better than ourselves. I have a feeling Springsteen would agree.




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