Pictures of You (book, 2011)

Alright, so here’s the scoop: The novel, Pictures of You…

The Author? Leavitt already…

The players are: Sam, Charlie, and Isabelle– Is she a swan you might ask, let me tell you one thing: Yes! (1)

So the story goes like this. Sometimes we speed read, even so fast we finish a book in one day. How’s that you ask? Simple, we skim.


Finished yet. Did you even catch that part. That’s the solution. The problem, reviewing these damn things when the prose is so smooth. Did I say smooth, I meant good. That’s right, we all need editors. And sometimes inside tips. But not me. I like vagina.

Not that I’m above that or anything. I’m for hire. [Ed. note: he’s a gigalo [2]

So, what’d I think of the book. Simple. It’s good. I liked the prose. It takes a woman’s voice to really get to me. Especially when the narrator whispers in my head. Amy Adams would be perfect for the audio tape. Maybe even Natalie Portman…

Guess that’s all? As if!

Taylor liked it too. Said the homage to Twilight was off the chains. Yeah, friends talk about the books we read. So what. Maybe we’ll form a book club or something? You all reading Twilight yet? Get on it. It’s the best of the decade as far as I’m concerned. I’m just not sure if she wrote the last one…

Yeah, there’s ghost writers, auteur theory, death of author, yada yada yada. We like audiotapes too! Just sayin’…


[1]Read in Reese Whitherspoon’s voice…
[2] Catch him at echo park in LA and outside Edandale Library–he’s for sale ladies!!!

250 up the ass
50 for a suck and blow
20 for a lick

A peek is always free, but you have to ask politely and promise to pay…


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