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The Rising (Album, 2002)

10 years too late and still not feeling it, The Rising was the de facto album of the decade. Calling it a masterpiece is quite the understatment, but alas, this one is flawless. Just don’t hold it up to technicalities. … Continue reading

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Million Reasons ( music video, 2016)

The cringe is hard to hind, but it’s averting my eyes that’s so easy. And yes, she does look beautiful. Two years in the making and after trying to forget, its the conundrum of enjoying a fake performance that posess … Continue reading

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A Star Is Born (trailer, 2018)

Trying took review this trailer is weird. It’s like seeing an ex- love made famous on screen, as if her look was stolen… Her name was Sam, but today she’s Gaga. I like her double chin. The breasts aren’t bad … Continue reading

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Amen Nation

I wish i would have met you the hour it gets late what you wanted you taught me and gave you face… they think your early ending was all wrong for most they’re right but look now, they’re strong… so … Continue reading

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Garfield Head

Not the mama Not the baby Not the Lynch But he’s still coming   Not the mama Not the baby But still he sits But he swears he’s coming With 2 x 4’s And nail in boards Not the mama … Continue reading

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King Arthur

Bing it… #MGM for The Once and Future King…

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ER #4

Selena sticks a baby carrot up her ass Int. Bedroom — A Hotel Room — Red curtains and white walls. a Blue bed cover. Selena sits on bed, starring at a baby carrot. Close up as it looks like the … Continue reading

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