Metal: The Musical (film pitch)

To future investor Michael Bay,

On behalf of the Flawed Masterpieces magazine, we humbly submit to you the following film pitch:

Title: Metal: The Music

Starring: Elisha Dushku, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga

Directed by you of course!

Hook: A metal film for the ages, starring of all things, 4 hot ass chicks. Did we forget to mention that Beckinsale is the band’s producer? So here’s the pitch: 3 chicks see Michael Fassenbender and Justin Bieber perform in Mascara, while you host an impromptue metal performance shirtless! (Show the goods bro!) While this goes down, the chicks team up and kick some ass. Rest is history!

Now blow some shit up!

Potential songs:

Diary of Jane
Rock n’ Roll All Night
Wounded Hand

Good luck on getting the rights to that last one…

Genre 1: Musical
Genre 2: Blow some shit up! — Really, we need onstage explosions.

P.S. : Oh yeah, Selena quits the band and realizes she’s more of a pop fan, cause of Spice Girls and Shit. Dushku is the lead singer who has to fight to let Gaga in on the gig. Two chicks vie for the lead guitarist and singer spot while they realize one has to take a backseat and play bass. Guess what, that breaks up the band and shit.

Now, Go Full Schumacker and gay it up bro!

and please, blow some shit up…

Brought to you by Honest Trailers


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