Who Did It– For Copyright Purposeses


Now, Reese SilveredSpoon, can we please return to ER espisode #3.

Cue Law and Order title music and screen:

Selena walks up to building. Outside is the words Psychiatric Medical unit in bright bold red letters. They glow like neon.

Selena tries to get in. Door locked. Looks like a dumbass.

Looks around.

Intercut: A buzzer!

selena vo: oh no, what do i do!

just then, a homeless meth head walks up and wavves. cue music from david lynch film. selena jumps back.

selena vo: woa, it’s him. flashback to that lynch film.

meth head just waves and walks back off cam like a bigfoot or something.

just then, selena notices buzzer again.

voice of god thru reese witheredspoon: just press the damn button already!

selena: i don’t like this!

silverspoon: just do it already!

selena does dork smile: fine. flash the g-smirk

cue law and order title screen.

and now a break from our proud sponsors:

peter rabbit walks onstage. Gee, this place ain’t so bad. Ain’t as great as the farm you know, but it ain’t bad.

just then, fassenbender swipes the screen away. look, she’s got a gucci. now can we get back to the show.

cue law and order title screen:

selena lays on couch with hands over head. a doctor between knees. her pov.

selena: how’s it like doctor?

clooney: one more minute, selena.

clooney pulls out a thron in her jeans.

clooney: woo, that was too dangerous.

selena: v,o. hallejuah i found him again.

clooney aloud: what was that?

selena; oh, mi corozone.

just then: quentin tarantino turns around in leather armchair and does evil laugh.

Quentin: ah selena. i know the problem. you’re hearing voices!

selena: how’d you know.

quentin: well, you know, i could just tell–

selena: and you’re syaing im crazy.

quentin: quite the contrary. you have writer’s syndrome. known to some as hollywood syndrome. you’d make a great play writer.

selena: frowns, then slowly does the dork grin. cool shrug. “yeah, whatever…”

cue law and order title:
next time on er returns for good

selena in leather pants and denim jackets: so you’re saying im a superhero now!

quentin in pirate outfit from who did it: yeah, you’re cured!

two black comedians dance around like vampires. lynch dances in jew’s ashes. anne frank get her hair cut for the first time.

vo: It’ll take a while to get over this one…

adolf apologizes again

spielbreg throws laptop: goes full evil. I’m so sich of this shit!

Quentin now holds puppie: these really help too!

just then: gaga bursts thru the door in room in sexy outfit and sunglasses. “did someone say they need help?”

medlen and bob holdren: uh oh, until then, see you later snoochie boochies.

now a break to our sponsors brought to you by white man..


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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