My Little Suri

My Surri!
My surrah!
Would you
my sriracha?

With rice
And bean
And tortillas please!

You are my little momma cita!

Mi hijo por favor
Please no mas
No more!

With sex
and cheeks
And baby squeeks,

You are my little sriracha!

No mas!
No mas!
Por favor
I am but a girl

With cheeks to squeeze
And much to please
A bottom
My moraccas…

Tomale here
Tomale there
They’re all
a little whiter

Why butts to squeeze
No mas
My sriracha

No mi mama

I’m gonna die!
No more

Mr. La Bamba!

Oh you see
What mirar to me
My my
My hija ahora…

Mommy needs you!

Ah, with much to squeeze
Surri she knees
And I,
Now pedophilia…

Mr. Cruis, please don’t sue…


About Arthur Pendalyn

Arthur Pendalyn is a stay at home unemployed college graduate, with a BA in English literature (though he prefers the world "fiction"). In his past he moonlighted as a video store clerk, and even once won an argument with a customer who tried to persuade him that David Lynch's Dune was underrated masterpiece. To quote Arthur, "That movie is a piece of shit!"
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