Daddy loves you
And I you

Francis C
trades me for a B
And I
The one so lovely!

With hair so soft
And eyes so glow
A wonder they’re no

Will Daddy see
What they don’t see
What you were
They don’t want me 😦

Will Daddy See
and daddy still say
That they!
They still love me!

For you, Daddy…

Dedicated to Mr. Nirvana–Sonnet Dave Grohl!!! (OR GTFO!)


About Arthur Pendalyn

Arthur Pendalyn is a stay at home unemployed college graduate, with a BA in English literature (though he prefers the world "fiction"). In his past he moonlighted as a video store clerk, and even once won an argument with a customer who tried to persuade him that David Lynch's Dune was underrated masterpiece. To quote Arthur, "That movie is a piece of shit!"
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