Film Pitch: The Life and Times of Gloria Steinem

Starring: Mila Kunis

Kunis has to do a bunny scene
Heather would love to star as a bunny with her

Pitch: Mrs. Gloria Steinem enjoys the kink of the job as a play boy bunny (It was under cover!!!) but realizes that while it’s fun to be hit on, it’s also horrible to be a constant sexual object when no one wants to get to know her. [She really does have a fun great personality]

Homage: All the President’s Men

Genre 1: Light comedy
Genre 2: Hard nosed journalistic drama

End: Gloria enjoys her dream of being the greatest feminist journalist of all time!

[Everyone buys her book]

Dir. By: Natalie Portman with assistance from Diane Keaton
Story: Michael and Gloria
Produced by: Heather Graham, and maybe Spielberg if he believes in women again…

Dedicated to: H.R.


Image result for mila kunis as gloria steinem

Image result for mila kunis in bunny outfit

<em>Just sayin’…</em>


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