A Private! Conversation with a Few Women

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Film Title: Chanel
Starring: Stefani Germanotta, Kayla Cobain, and a guest role with Amanda
Produced by: No. 5
Written by: Sofia C. and Michael
Story: Gaga
DOP: Terry Richardson


Image result for terry richardson hi-res photos


Image result for terry richardson hi-res photos


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Leighton Meester–look up *Notes for myself

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Image result for keira knightley green dress famous shot

Fashion Designer: Jacqueline Durran


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does she like to act?

she might…

ever worked with her?

i’ve seen her perform at an awards show.

ever “bump” into her?

unfortunately not.

i think she would be great with sophia coppola… maybe great way to start an acting career

real gentle

yeah, i think sophia would be really great with her as well

m: you ever think about working with sophia?

s: we’ve talked

Image result for sofia coppola

m: she deserves a “comeback”

stef: like her face

m: she could give sia a run for her money. (age is on her side…)

Image result for harrison ford

m: could make a great bush on snl?

stef: i’m dying.

secret admirer: he looks so sad.

m: those puppy dog eyes. i don’t think he’s ever been nominated for an academy award…

alltogether: let’s find out!

(back down the rabbit hole)

altogether: poor harrison. never gets to work with any “young” talent. if any sophia coppola would make a film with him and nora jones. the world would feel so much better…

sophia rolls eyes.

Coco Chanel

idea: “Secret Lovers of Coco”–tie in book? *

  • ties to andrew carnegie–maybe he has a guest appearance–tarantino kind of looks like him (God I wish I had photoshop right now, they’re sponsored by Apple right?)

We could do some burlesque shows for research too…

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Dedicated to Marilyn…

she would have definitely made a great 40s film star…

Movie Pitch: Sisters in the Navy, dir. and starring Clooney about a famous group of singers who were sisters…

Image result

Sofia: Great necklace…

Big diamond for such a small earlobe…

Wonder who bought her bling?

Shirley and the girls

RD, Jr: Would have been a great actress to work with Chaplin.

Mike: I have a great idea for a play if anyone’s interested in hearing it?

RD, Jr.: go for it


Play pitch: 1-Act; The Kid, starring kristin bell as chaplin stand in and kid who imitates shirley temple. Could be fun?

RD, Jr.: How’s it begin?


Intro: bare stage. a box piano with marks and worn down wheeled on stage. Charlie Chaplin, suit and all, walks quietly on stage and bows to audience. Sits down quietly and plays the Kid, {which was composed by Chaplin himself]. After performance, bows to audience again.

Fade to black.


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M: What if Quentin Tarantino guest starred as Carnegi–

Clooney: They probably met, right? I mean with Chanel?

Stef: Blushes and uses bathroom.

Selena: Mi corozone.

Clooney rolls eyes.

Mike speaks for his gf: Of course they did. I think Stefani is trying to suggest this drama should have at least had a comedic moment for us. We’re going for an NC-17 rating.

Clooney suggests a film they all like for “research” (homework for the kids)…


Sleeping Beauty

Image result for pat benatar

The End

But Clooney will return in: The Men who loves to spy on women…

Produced by Paramount


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