Wind up Lais

I walk in yet again
to the same empty dark room.
Always expecting to find a wind up Lais
in the corner ready to play.
But hey , not tonight!
Never tonight!
Just another night to go without.
One day it happened, and Lais just stopped.
And it cuts me up inside.
I say hey, everyone got to play with Lais
but me. 😦
And as I get close
she decides she’s done.
I only caught a glimpse,
and now Im alone in this empty room.
And I listen to the clock in the corner
where Lais ought to be.
My tears fall in a hazy blue dream
as I listen to it start to rain,
and I think how I can never reach you,
and know who you are.
Because of you, I become a Cyrenaic,
and I could forget all to spend my time with you.
I’ll call the clock maker,
and he says “Son, you got to go on. Cause there’s nothing I can do.
Lais is far away now and there ain’t a fix.”
I hang up the phone.
the whole of life just ain’t gonna cut it without my girl.
I sigh as I scan the books on the shelf.
Tales of anything but us are yesterday’s news.

Dedicated to a woman that was my Lais…

–Written by Thomas McKinney

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2 Responses to Wind up Lais

  1. ELLE says:

    “Tales of anything but us are yesterday’s news.” Nice!


  2. Constantine879 says:

    Thank you kindly. Its a very real feeling at times


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