Who’s the girl on his mind?

[Read in Sir Prince Williams of United Kingdom’s voice, with an air of “authority”]*

Is she a whig
Or is she a bling
And does it hurt
When her heart gets me singing?
And can she start
Or end a negotiation?
Because a shirt can really start
To really unbutton–
And does it hurt
When we run out of KY Jelly?
And girl can really start
To feel an emotion…

[Read in Mr. Wiggin’s voice now]
But is she’s a bling,
And can she really sing?
When her powder is abover her
And she give the cold shoulder?
Give her an inch
And she’ll get really louder!
To which I must insint
She needs less powder…

Dedicated to a lover

*Katie approves

Which one?


About Arthur Pendalyn

Arthur Pendalyn is a stay at home unemployed college graduate, with a BA in English literature (though he prefers the world "fiction"). In his past he moonlighted as a video store clerk, and even once won an argument with a customer who tried to persuade him that David Lynch's Dune was underrated masterpiece. To quote Arthur, "That movie is a piece of shit!"
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