I wasn’t high

And what does she wear
When she doesn’t sing?
Is she lip service or feeling friend
And where does she write
When he isn’t silly?

Cam for him
She wears a white lilly
And does she hate
When they try to rhyme with me?

Slip of a purse
Sin of a hat
Does she like it
When he plays with her cat

Bend over and find out
And send a love note
Spread out before him
A white paige or a napkin…

I will I will
I will I confess
So I must admit
We are a mess

Can a slut slut a slut?
Can a gent fuck his butt?
Aggressive as much,
Or is she with me?

I am I am
I am kind sir
Please say it with an accent
And hyphen the lows

Go slower and faster
I can’t speed up
Please fuck me please fuck me
I want his butt!

Who was that she say?
I am me and me only?
Faust is that you
Please go away Amy!

It’s me and I am who I say I am
Which is what I am
A cat–
In a hat!

Theodore or Geissel
Hm what a question to ask
I guess that mean Clooney
Can tap that ass!

Downey getting downies
And De Niro is offend
Dustin said go for it
But please give him more money!!!*

*(From the muses–Please give him and him only)

From the A Team, and B-Listers

Here’s lookin’ at you dustin!

Still getting a mop?

Downey could prank De Niro

Dustin getting offended

Tampons and tampons only

Ah, so we finally went low

Tove say hi, but really impressed

Djokivich can only reminisce…


About Arthur Pendalyn

Arthur Pendalyn is a stay at home unemployed college graduate, with a BA in English literature (though he prefers the world "fiction"). In his past he moonlighted as a video store clerk, and even once won an argument with a customer who tried to persuade him that David Lynch's Dune was underrated masterpiece. To quote Arthur, "That movie is a piece of shit!"
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