Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz (Album, 2016)

miley cyrus

You smoke pot,
yeah, I love Beatz,

simplicity in a
mac produced beat,

in stupidity…

and simply–

a masterpiece…

To keep things short, this in my estimation is the greatest pop album of the last 20 years. Capturing sincerity and artistic expression in a self-produced album with the hum of low-fi, this is simply the underrated artistic statement that any true pop artist can dream of.

I fall in love every time I hear it…

The buzz and hum of the stripped-down production is enough to turn most average listeners away from this album, or worse, cringe in disgust, but this is genuinely a work of sincere expression.

Miley’s voice has never been more soulful in her Nico-like deadpan and flat manner, and yet the tears are felt every time they seep out my computer speakers. She has always been known for her husky alto-soprano delivery, and yet here she puts this on the backburner.

It’s been noted that the guitarist from Flaming Lips helped on this LP, but truth be told, I don’t know his name and I don’t have an editor to help with this website. Yeah, I could Google it. But a gal (inside Joke–Mike likes to think he has the mind of a woman…) has shit to do…

Personally, a fault I find with most pop divas isn’t lack of talent, contrary to most popular and elitist thinking, but rather lack of personal agency and authority. Maybe a critique of the modern music industry, but then again, the whole point of this album was to circumvent such nonsense. Perhaps remind “artists” that they don’t need a record producer to release an album. In an age when a high school student can create a hit album on a Linux operating system and become a star through YouTube, it’s rather pathetic to believe white women with millions of dollars can’t do the same thing. I’m looking at you Demi Lovato.

And yet, I digress. Sexist and racial attitudes aside, Miley has achieved something both brave and noble. Facing critics and the usual hum-drum cry that this would be the album to kill her career, she seems to have carried on and dareIsay done something original.

“Don’t let them make the rules,” she croons. Perhaps the battling cry for a millennial generation hell-bent on imitating other personalities. “Don’t let them make the rules,” she says, even if they’re psychologists and asshole critics [emphasis mine].

Bet Lady Gaga couldn’t do something like this…


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