Immediate Poetry!


Tracing history,
tracing time
history unwind,

caught in melody,
every note your key,
mozart where are you?

Caught in intervals
and silence,
traced by scars of reminisce,


haunting is your echo–

simple motif…

scared and lonely,
hearing chopin
between every key,

and yet Glass the recurser,
bringing Bach back to me,

every day is anew,
every fire for you,

hearing a sunset
in a simple melody,

mozart a recurser,
and haunting a melody,


and escape this measure your tune…

just to remember your kiss
a simple motif,
measured by a gasp,

and a breath…


just to bring me back to…


please unwind,
bring me back in time…

to a daybed,
and a longing echo–



her breath ageless…

classical her muse,
mozart in an echo,
and a future a view,

aglow with angels
and fifth dimensions,
and yet harrow is her tune–

they want love as an answer,
but a feeling will do,

but to see there,
history is what you do…

just to remember,
some of them were barely there,
and yet hitler too…

and still we hear–

haunting an echo,
and history unwind…

just to fold me back to you…


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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2 Responses to Immediate Poetry!

  1. Wow! Intensely beautiful. 🙂

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  2. [insert heart emoji]

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