Watching her undress is like poetry…

Read to this tune…

To see you undress,
panties down your skin,
a little kiss
–just to begin,

go real slow,
take it in nice,
sloppy seconds,
–terrible advice…

heart shaped moon,
view from above;
just to see you undress,
–yeah, i’m in love…

with hair to your tits,
from the toe to your toe,
goddess of pornhub…
–savior to my soul…

just to know,
you’ll be ok…

she looks good
and is sexy,
terrible for the kink in this sytem,
–and she is ready…

take her with me,
every where i go,
just to know,
—you’ll be ok

and so i stare,
and watch you undress,
goddess of love,
–mrs. poetress…

fragmented imagination,
stare to it all,
waiting for arrival,
–have you on my beck and call…

and yeah,
i know it,
you’re gonna be ok,
–just save it for me…

so tiny…


About Michael Medlen

My name is Michael and during my free time I avoid having a day job. Strangely enough, this gives me the freedom to run this blog. I write just about anything that can be considered art. I also occasionally post articles that may or may not be relevant to the theme of this site. You’ve been warned.
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