Peter Rabbit (Film, 2017)


Well, seeing as former Birth.Movies.Death writers Devin Faraci and Film Crit Hulk are back on WordPress, I guess the time is ripe for a film review of my favorite film of 2017.

Yeah, it took Sony and a children’s film to once again prove liberals are idiots. I know, because I’m one of them. I suppose the proper and politically minded appropriate response is to say “bleeding heart,” but I don’t want to delve into libertarian politics at the moment.

Getting all this shit out of the way, I’ll just be blunt. It feels good to hear a fucking rabbit make fun of people who think having privilege gives them the horrible reins of having to bear responsibility. Get real people. You’re white and/or come from an upper-class background and went to school with a black dude or an Asian chick. That doesn’t make you diverse.

To Film Crit Hulk’s credit, he says he’s from Boston. Ditto from Devin Faraci, who is obviously an Italian New Yorker. I’ll assume they mean the ACTUAL CITY and not a rich suburb of what is true integration, but I have my doubts about the former. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Maybe that sounds harsh, but if you know one thing about America, it’s that gender politics is a lie. It’s not about men and women not seeing eye to eye, it’s about classism and elitism. But to see that, you kinda have to step out of your own comfort zone. Which is kinda the point of Peter Rabbit, if you have a brain between your eyes.

Yeah, we have the pompous career climber in Mr. Thomas McGreggor, played by an ever sneering Domhill Gleeson, who suddenly finds himself in –gasp– the comfort of the white countryside. Because, you know, white people are poor in America too. But alas, this is an English film, not that America doesn’t have a direct descendancy from the Isle’s shit-faced caste system legacy. I like to blame New Ageists for the shitfest that is America’s nepotism stink right now.

But alas, Mr. McGreggor has a problem. Those darn pesky rabbits want his house and land, which he rightfully inherited from his equally sneering and angry farmer of an uncle. But not to outdone, Mr. McGreggor, the young one, seems to have a heart and a head. He just doesn’t care about animals. Sad to say, most people don’t. Not even vegans. And I say that as one.

But not to be foiled by humor and grace. Mr. McGreggor finds grace and humility in a lily-white savior known as a princess to some, but to anyone who’s actually lived in the country, just a nice woman named Bea, played by the ever-game and usually devalued Rose Byrn.

I’ll just say it, if you don’t get British humor and the joy of comeuppance, you’ll hate this film. Yeah, there’s a joke about EpiPens that supposedly outraged™ people with allergies, but I digress. It’s a film meant to poke fun at liberals and the stupidity of getting offended, and you know, make you smile at the end.

Did I say Mr. McGreggor get’s the girl? He also literally dies 3 times by my account. Don’t say I didn’t tell you it was Morbid.

My cynicism aside, It’s a delightful film and a joy to hope this article gets read by my two favorite film critics. They’ve let me down with their own moralizing and finger-wagging, but then again, at least they do it with intelligence and wit. Some critics can’t even articulate a thought, let alone write a sentence. Myself included at times. Don’t tell you I’m not pompous. Remember folks, I too went to college with a black person. Perhaps the joke’s on me…

Alas, as a city boy straight from the ACTUAL city of Toledo, Ohio, I now live in the country in the form of a white suburb known as Oregon, Ohio. And yeah, it’s calming. Now If I could just find a cute rabbit to hook me up with a nice woman…

As always, much love and many blessings…



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3 Responses to Peter Rabbit (Film, 2017)

  1. ELLE says:

    I have heard from a few people there was some ‘finger-wagging’ involved. Probably still will check it out though.

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  2. ELLE says:

    And thank you for your support for my scholarship vote in my last article!

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  3. It’s actually pretty good. The jokes are pretty innocent, but you can see where they slipped a few political ones in. I highly recommend it!

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