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Going away for a while…

Sorry folks for nothing recent. I have recently embarked on a new play, which looks to be my second full length work. While I slave away at this travesty of a work, I hope you all find something new to … Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Day Senryu

Early meal at 4, sloppy seconds after 6… dinner was perfect!   To imaginary girlfriends…    

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Lavender Tears…

Deep in the night, I lay sleepless for you… And as the day drones on, I won’t forget you…. But I don’t dare name you aloud! I listen to the same old song, I sip a cup of tea, and … Continue reading

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A Baroque Poem

The lingering effects of alcohol, traced around the peripheral, a ghost that is want to linger, and yet my absolute call…   She is wise and notorious, and never one to fly away from a flirt, quite satagious indeed, even if … Continue reading

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The Rabbit and the Pea Pod

The Rabbit and the Pea Pod There was a rabbit who liked to say he was above his fellow compatriot’s leisurely activities if you know what I mean 😉 But someday this rabbit felt lonely, which is why he found … Continue reading

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Review of Open to the Spirit

Open to the Spirit presents a lot of complex relationship ideas about what it is like to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Well researched and academic in tone, the book does a great job of exploring how the … Continue reading

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Written by Unknown…

In my darkest despair, spare me.. For I am me as my blood cries to the heavens with no answer– please return to sender, the air around me is thick and bitter. Dear lord, did you create me or did … Continue reading

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