Love in the Spider-House

From Thomas: To a lovely girl that doesn’t know how beautiful she is to me.

Love in the Spider-House

Photo by Joshua Davis on Unsplash


Steal away with me…


Slip behind the shelf,

and find the passage

that leads out back to that special place.


A place you have never been before.

A little place to laugh and share a smile.

Out here the sound of their constant whining can’t reach us.


At last, we can breathe!


It’s just a strange wooden house in the garden where nobody goes.

It’s just me and you alone.

We can laugh,

we can sing.


And as I gaze into your eyes,

you give me that sly smile I am so fond of.


We dance all alone in the spider house.

Out here I feel we are truly free,

half a world away from the cursed house of grey,

caught in a web of our own desire.


I wonder if we should stop,

but my heart beats time to yours

and we are trapped in the web of passion.

Nothing can make me leave now.


Surrounded by the walls of Carcassonne in the garden.

The warmth and light of Provence in this little shack

as two cold winds blow outside.


The bitterness of winter,

and the Mistral of tedium.

And inside the blank world fades

as we sail to an island of lavender fields.


We lay down now.

Sweet peace at last.

I clasp both your hands

as you lay on my lap

and smile that painfully gorgeous smile

and your eyes softly simmer with a sweet warmth. 

I ask if you were once a black lipstick girl,

and you laugh as you say no.

Then we settle into perfect silence.


Tangled hearts in the spider house…

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5 Responses to Love in the Spider-House

  1. Beautiful lines so well composed.


  2. Thank you. I actually wrote this in a dream I had of someone dear to me.


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