When Women are Kings 


Francsis had woken up as early as 4am while his lady kept snoring on their bed with her leg widely open. He had gone out of his room and went to his children room and woke them up to prepare for school while he made breakfast. The children had woken up sluggishly with him screaming on top of his voice that they mustn’t be late again.

He had to start preparing beans that morning because that’s the breakfast his lady loves having in the mornings. He had picked it the previous night. He left the food on fire while he undressed his kids and gave each of them a bathe.

After doing that, he went ahead to dress them neatly for school while he dressed the table for breakfast. They all gathered to eat while His lady raced downstairs screaming that she was late for work and Francsis couldn’t wake her up.

He kept quite and watched her hurriedly take her bath and dress up for her banking job. She later settled down with them to eat  on the dinning table. After the food, she left for work while francsis got the house cleaned up and got ready for his teaching job.

“Dad why do you do so much work” his first child asked
“Mum does nothing and never speaks to us” the second complained
“And she’s hardly around” the third lamented

“That’s because mum is very busy making money for us. So we can eat and be happy just like today, so be happy OK!?”
“Yes daddy” they chorused
“We love you very much” they hugged and kiss him.

Then he drove them down to school….

The next day, Chi had taken Kelvin to a returant close to her house. The waiter had come around and she had asked him to make any order…

“Emmmm gimme something light. I want chicken and fries. Fried rice and chicken , pepper soup and goat meat with one big stout..the waiter was looking at him shocked. Chi’s eyes were becoming wet…eh something lite.. You can pack jollof rice and goat head as takeaway with one orijin… That all, I don’t eat too much.. Im watching my weight” he smiled

When Chi was asked to order, she was taken aback…
“No..no..no.. I’m not hungry.. Just get me small bottle water and straw..”

Then later they left and Kelvin was about to leave…
“I’m going chi.. I need transport fare” kelvin asked
“Going to where?”
“Home na”
” You are sure you are OK?”
“You have to follow me to my house”
“To do what?”
“Who’s playing with you? After eating something worth 20k alone, you na want to go home.. Is like you are mad?”
“Ahah.. But I thought you were being kind na? Kelvin looked puzzled
You asked me to order for anything…
” Is like you want me to rape your destiny.. I look like father Christmas? I was just drinking water, you didn’t even give me anything from your food…you better just follow me now”
” haha..but you said you not hungry na”

They kept arguing and Chi started shouting
“Thief Thief Thief”
Kelvin had no choice but to follow her home….




About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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