​When Women are KINGS 3


Ebuka sat on the soft sofa. His legs rested on the table, his eyes were glued to the television that had people dancing in it.Then he remembered something, went into his room, brought out a sheet of paper and started penning down what was needed in the house.

Hmmm… Palm oil eh, for soup. Sugar to add taste to my soup…hmmm.. I need ten bags of pure water o, I can’t start looking for where to fetch water like all those men from across the street. Since my lady has refused to call the man to repair the broken pipes. What else o” he  kept biting the tip of his pen as he looked towards the ceiling.

“Ehen… I need five liters of honey too, he laughed. Its sweeter than sugar…what happens if I add both of them?”
He pens down other house hold items. Then his lady Lola walked in. She was becoming fatter than her door so the carpenter came around to widen the width of the door which was previously tiny. She looked stressed as she took slow steps towards Ebuka.

They hugged briefly
“Oh baby I missed you.” Ebuka had kissed her
“I’m hungry” she replied
“There is nothing in the house o. I had to pen down these things that we need. You could possibly drop by the market tomorrow to get them. For today, we could just go to the new homemade restaurant that’s just opened down the street.”

Lola looked at him shocked. She took the paper from him and scanned through it.
“Do you buy these things everyday?” Lola asked puzzled
“How do you mean?” Ebuka quzzied
“You got these products yesterday and a day before yesterday and you still wanna buy it today? Who eats these large quantities you buy everyday? Because since I married you, I only ate your poison (food) once” Lola had explained as calmly as she could.
“What are you driving at?”
“Where do you keep the money I give to you?” That’s offense one.
“Secondly, why did you have to wait for me to return to buy these things?”

“I don’t have any money on me. Moreover I dont wanna spoil my skin. You know how bad the sun is these days and I don’t have a car, you seized mine.”
“Do you think I pluck money from a tree? Do you think? You buy different creams to aid your bleaching and buy expensive wears with my money!” She had exclaimed

“Ahah… Is it not to look good for you?”
“In this buhari regime?” Lola asked rhestorically
“Common food you can’t cook. Look at you. Shame on you. Since you didn’t cook for me, let me feed from you” she smiled
“How do you mean?” Ebuka stepped away
“I said lie down” she barked pointing to the floor
“But I don’t have strength, I haven’t eaten” Ebuka complained
 There was an hard slap on his face…

“Ah..my lady.. Don’t take it too serious na.. At least let’s get to the bed” he pleaded
“No, I want it here and now! She commanded
” remove your clothes….

Soon she was pressed on top of a slim Ebuka who looked like he was gonna die as he couldn’t feel his body anymore..
“Gosh! Lola grew fatter” he murmured…

There was a party’s Rally going on
The presence of people were very much that the roads were filled up with people. The primary election winner Mrs Loveth with her big green gele and iro and buba took the staircase up to the podium to read the party’s manifesto.

Her appearance had gotten many people screaming and clapping. This  showed mass approval and she had smiled gracefully.

“I have just few things to state today, she started as the noise cooled off. As you all know me, I’m loveth, a woman with few words but….
  ” many actions”
The happy crowd filled with mostly women had completed
” I took my time to make this manifesto, so it won’t be devoid of fake promises but true and sustainable contract between me and my people. I am not just going out there to be a president but I’m going there as a fellow citizen who’s on contract with her fellow colleagues. And according to our standing law, breaking of contracts got some penalties and I’m not and will never be above the law….

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” the crowd screamed
“Winner ooo, winner!(2x)
Loveth you don win o… Winner!
Pata pata you go win forever, winner!

They all sang happily…

” so I promise… She continued
To be your fellow colleague in moving this our giant country forward. That is my promise. United we stand, divided we fall..

So come join hands and make me the president of this great country come the next election. You all have the right to vote. Use your right! Don’t be deceived…

Has she made her way out of the crowd that wanted an handshake, the rest crowd kept clapping for her beautiful speech which was captivating…


#pretty Ginika 



About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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