Review of The Book of Joe (Non-Fiction, 2017)


Review of the Book of Joe

Who knew Cool Joe could be so cool?

So it goes, that the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden gets his very own little book of wisdom, here collected in The Book of Joe by Jeff Wilser. Written as a typical biography highlighting the important details of Joe Biden’s often neglected career, Mr. Wilser gives a pretty accurate glimpse of what is one cool guy.

Joe likes cars and is a football star and just so happens to be a Senator from Pennsylvania. When not busy making political gaffes and fighting leaders of Iran and Pakistan, he can be caught lifting weights in the Senate Gym. But not to be outdone by his beautiful exterior is a man who could have been haunted by trauma and personal tragedy.

Mr. Wilsner recollects Joe’s well-document struggles of his former wife’s and sons’ death while facing his own struggle after having a brain aneurysm. Nor were multiple failed-presidential attempts enough to deter the man who would go on to become the sensation of the Internet when he became his very own meme star.

At once simple and elegant, this little nugget of a book is pretty straightforward to read. At a very slim 240+ pages, the book is relatively light on the academic prose while painting a pretty inspirational picture of a man destined for second place in one of the most historical presidential races in US history.

But not to be outdone by fate, Joe Biden’s oft-quoted malarky of wisdom is sprinkled throughout here, just to remind us fellow losers that despite our appearances, we are more than just Braun and meat.

I give this book 4 stars because I know Joe would never settle for perfection.

As always, much love and God bless!



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