When Women are KINGS 2 👑 


While they kept discussing about their families and the economy of the country and how expensive things are in the market and how their ladies been giving them very little and be expecting very much. They had complained of the scorching sun while they haggard on prices with the market women and curses they had received from each of them. Well, everyone of them seem to have similar problems and they all have one single way of solving it: “Sit down and complain!”

Well birds of the same feathers???

Temi was still on his shorts and had forgotten to sweep the house while his friends came visiting. Even the laundry was kept outside the house unattended to. As the lights came on, they all screamed…


Just then Mrs Florence walked in. He hadn’t heard her car horn and as he could read the anger in her eyes, he wanted to hide away from her sight.

“What the hell is going on in my house?!” Mrs Florence on her suit trouser with her heels looked at each man with a downgrading eye. Her blue eyes literally turned to red. Her slim figure scared the men.

One after the other, the men stood up and left leaving Temi to his fate. Temi was already on his kneels, tears rovering  in his eyes.

“Haven’t I warned you about those men? Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want them around? Ain’t you stupid? Instead of seeking solutions to your barren self, you keep fooling around with those jobless men!” She had barked at him.

“I’m sorry” Temi muttered.

“Sorry for your self, you idiot! Look at how everywhere is so unkept. Even my bra and pant I left for you to wash is still out there.”

“I’m very sorry. I will not do it again”….was all Temi could say as he stood up to attend to every chore in tears.

He took her briefcase from her and loosened her knotted tie. He removed her shoes and dried them under the sun while she ventured upstairs bearfooted. And screamed while she rested on her bed..

“Bring my food upstairs. I’m really tired and hungry”….

Long gone into a Saturday morning. Three girls sat under the tree discussing. As they did, a guy walked passed them and he became their topic.

” Chi look at that guy you crushing on” Ijeoma had called her fair slim friend attention.

Immediately Chi’s eyes had shone in gracefulness.

“He’s just so cute” she had commented.

“Look at his muscles” the third girl had chipped in.

“See I’m going to meet him to try my luck” chi had added.

The other girls shook their heads in approval.

“And we would do our usual passing around” they said in union.

Chi stood up and ran after the fast moving guy and kept screaming.

“Hello.. Excuse me.. Hello…”

The guy feigned ignorance of the call.

“Hello fine boy..” Chi tried again this time waving and pointing at him.

This time the guy turned around to face her.

“Yes?” He looked at the fast breathing chidera.

“Emmm..sorry for disturbing you o. What’s your name?”


“Awwwwn..such sweet name for a fine boy like you.”

He laughed she smiled.

“I just wanted to tell you that you very very handsome. Immediately I saw you, I started crushing on you and I think we could tangle” chi had professed

Kelvin kept smiling shyly.

“We could hang out. I’m very rich. Just give me your  number, I will call you” Chi had continued. 

She handed him her phone and he dialed it, she flashed it to be sure he didn’t give her a wrong number. His phone rang in his pocket and she smiled. She saved his number and waved him bye.

She watched him as he walked silently away. She walked back to her friends and announced to them about the number she had collected.

“He must be a hoe! Look at how he was smiling at you and gave out his number willingly, you will easily sleep with that one.” Ijeoma had concluded.

“Ah ah! IJ! Doris the third chubby girl had chipped in. Why will you judge like that? If they start playing hard to get, you will be the first to get pissed. Now that it’s becoming easier, you still pissed” 

“Are you minding IJ? She is a bad belle. That’s final” Chi had laugh..

They all joined her.

“I’m calling him tonight, we might hang out today or tomorrow” Chi continued.

“So soon?” Doris asked.

“Yes o. Someone else might smash him before me. He looks like a novice to me.”

“Sha cool down. We all know that you a big time player” IJ had added.

“She might find love” Doris added sarcastically.

“Love kill you there” Chi laughed.

They all laughed….



About Esinulo David

I'm a young man aspiring for a Godly and peaceful World. where Music and teamwork coexist ☺. MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
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